Football Players in Blue Jersey Lined Under Grey White Cloudy Sky during Sunset

One would think being a football player all you need is talent but then this can be proved wrong. They are smart football players who are genius-level intellects and college paper writers who are outstanding when it comes to comparing their brain power and intellectual might. Though it is challenging for an athlete to focus both on their education and sports especially during the season, most athletes receive scholarships in return for their sportsmanship. This is a bit tricky because each one is as important as the other and one cannot miss any of them most especially they cannot miss football practice or a game because their scholarship is based on their great sportsmanship. Even with these kinds of scenarios some athletes have overcome barriers and proven to perform excellently both on the field and in their class work.

John Urschel

This famous Baltimore Ravens player is the first name that comes to mind anytime smart footballers are mentioned. The offensive guard player went to Penn State University and has acquired a bachelors and masters in mathematics. The player who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. had to quit football after three years. He is doing well such that he was already a professor while pursuing his master’s studies and he has published several research papers.

Benjamin Watson

The New Orleans Saints player has a major in Finance. From the University of Georgia he did not only score high in academics he played at the tight end position for his football team and has seen his team win against several big teams. He is a published author and it is said that he has an overly high IQ score. While taken through an intelligence test used to assess prospective employees out of 50 Watson scored a 48 which was more than 20 points higher of an average NFL player. This no doubt puts him among the smart football players.

Myron Rolle  

He played college football at Florida while in Florida State University College of medicine then later drafted to the Tennessee Titans team. After his retirement he pursued a degree in Medical Anthropology and aiming higher he is at the Harvard Medical School as a neurosurgery resident.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

This quarterback player is a smart man. This Tampa Bay Buccaneers player has not been academically shy as his academics overshadow his football career. His fast-paced learning will keep him on professional football for long. While being considered one of the smartest athletes he managed and SAT score of 20 points which is perfect and he loves working his intellectual magic with his children.

Richard Sherman

The player was drafted by Seattle Seahawks in 2011 and he plays the cornerback position. After Manuel Dominguez High he proceeded to Stanford University but he is currently playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He has been voted All-Pro, three times with the first team and the fourth time with the current team. Sherman is known for his snappy remarks and he is incredibly smart in academics which is why he is pursuing a master’s degree.

There are many players who have proven that athletic success is as important as an academic success even for thesis helpers. Football is a social and economic development activity which promotes self-esteem, teamwork, and peace. Football has a unifying power while educational success is as important as a football career. Success can be well rounded for football players and it means even after retirement due to unavoidable circumstances they can move on with their professional careers.