Celtics fans have their hopes up for this NBA season, and these are the most exciting matches the team will play on the home court.

Which Celtics Matches You Shouldn’t Miss This Season?

The new NBA season is slowly heating up, and Boston Celtics are currently in the second position in the Eastern Conference. The team made a promising start, and it is up to them to keep a place that will get them home advantage in the playoffs.

There is a long way to go until the playoffs, and Celtics will play many exciting matches until they reach it. Let’s take a look at six home games that you shouldn’t miss.

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VS Raptors (December 28)

The reigning champions are coming to TD Garden just after Christmas. Although they don’t have Kawhi Lenard anymore, Raptors are still a great team, and their score proves that. The game is important for two reasons – it is always nice to beat a divisional rival and the current NBA champion, and it can be a confidence boost for challenges waiting in 2020.

VS Pelicans (January 11)

We have to be honest and say this match might be more critical because of a guy who signed for Pelicans this summer. Zion Williamson, the No. 1 pick in the draft, should debut in the NBA during January or February, which means that it could happen at TD Garden. On the court, however, Celtics should be big favorites.

VS Lakers (January 20)

These two teams won 33 NBA championships together, and it is obvious why this is a true classic. Celtics and Lakers are both challengers this season, and our team will have a tough task matching LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Whatever happens, we are certainly in for a treat and a fantastic game.

VS Nets (March 3)

The first time Nets visited TD Garden this season, Kyrie Irving was injured. Celtics’ fans were hoping that Irving would be the guy to bring the trophy home, but he not only failed but also left the team. Neither Irving nor Celtics have great memories about their period together, which is why Kyrie’s return to the city guarantees a particular match. However, it remains to be seen whether he will gather the courage to come back.

VS Milwaukee (April 5)

Celtics should clinch a playoff spot by April, but a game against Janis and Milwaukee is always a treat for the fans. Additionally, it will happen two weeks before the playoffs start. That means it will be an excellent opportunity to see whether the teams are ready for postseason challenges, and what else needs to be improved.

Celtics VS. Bulls (April 15)

It is the last game of the regular season, and the chance to greet the team before their playoff battle begins. Bulls still have time to change their fortune, but it’s hard to believe they will enter the postseason. That makes them a great opponent to get the confidence boost for the playoffs and end the regular season on the right foot.