Before we jump in to know how to succeed in softball, we shall first discuss what is softball and the other facts associated with it. As commonly known, softball is a modified version of baseball. There are of course minor differences between the two. Softball is played on a smaller field comparatively and the ball is larger and softer. The bat is thinner.

How it started

When it began, softball was actually played indoors. The reason being, it could be played during winter. This was invented in the year 1887. But as a year passed by the game moved outside. The first appearance of the game in the Olympics was in 1996. The game was so popular that all the tickets were sold out for the Olympics softball game in 1996. It was dropped in 2005 but is being added in the Olympics 2020. A great treat for the softball lovers. The game was dropped due to the fact there was very less talent of this wonderful sport globally and so there was less global participation as well.

The game

Softball comprises of two teams. Each team consists of 9 players each. Both the teams compete to score more runs than each other. Runs are scored by rounding the bases and crossing home plates. The maximum number of rounds contribute to the team score. A team can bat until three of its batters are put out by the opponent team.

There are 9 fielding positions for the game. They line up in positions namely, pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd baseman, shortstop, leftfielder, centerfielder, and the right fielder. A batter can stand in either side on the batter’s box. The choice of the side of the batter’s box lies with the player. Their job is to score runs by hitting the ball when it is pitched to them. A batter continues to play for either 3 strikes or 4 balls.

Fastpitch softball

We have another variation of this game; it is known as the fastpitch softball. This is played by both men and women. The international governing body of softball known as the ISF has documented pitching styles into three categories. They are medium pitch, fastpitch, and slowpitch. Even though all the three styles are popular, the fastpitch softball was the most popular and was a part of the Olympics. The style for fastpitch softball and slowpitch softball had differences.

Key to success

In order to be a successful softball player, one must keep pushing oneself.  Taking a day off practice means you are paving way for someone to take your spot. You should never lose the love for the game and be dedicated and focussed at all times. You should be reviewing your fielding skills in order to be a successful softball player. Catches are also key to success. Mastering this act will bring in a lot of confidence in you. Practicing with a tennis ball will help to improve the technique. Also, throw should be improved to be successful. You can try practicing with a softball that might be lighter than the actual size to throw more focus on the throwing technique. Practicing with heavier balls improves your strength.  Master the art of timing as it is the most essential element of throwing.

Choice of softball bat

For the hitters, the choice of a softball bat is crucial. As there are many brands that come up with different models and styles, choosing of right softball bats might be a difficult task. However, the choice of the softball bat is very important as it will bring the most out of you in the game. With the advent of more and more models coming out each year, the choice must be made correctly after a thorough examination without being carried away by the marketing strategies.

I have mentioned a list of five best fastpitch softball bat here. They are also the top 5 fastpitch softball bats. The Easton Ghost fastpitch bat, the Louisville Slugger PXT, Easton Stealth Flex, DeMarini CFX balanced, and Louisville Slugger LXT. Before choosing the best fastpitch softball bat, it is always better to read unbiased reviews as well. The Easton Ghost fastpitch bat is the most popular among all the other bats that I have mentioned above. The double-barrel design of this bat is the reason for being the most-talked bat. Louisville Slugger PXT is a new addition to the existing family of the fastpitch line. This legendary company comes out with one addition every year and this is the latest. It has a new barrel design that can bring the best speed out of a player. Similarly, the DeMarini range has had the CF models for more than ten years now and the latest being CFX. This is the most popular in their range and it is also the most balanced bat amongst the other bats that are available now.

Ideal Bat for you

The best way to find the right bat that would suit you is to know the ideal size and the weight of the bat that might fit you. This is a key to find the best fastpitch softball bat. The length of the bat is measured from the knob and goes up to the barrel. The weight of the bat is considered ideal if you are able to swing it right. The comfortable swinging can allow you to choose the right one. Also, you should be able to hold the bat without any problem for 30 seconds with your arm straight. If there is no problem with this then the bat is at an ideal weight.

On the whole, softball is a fun-filled sport with a lot of thrill moments. This game requires lot of skill and focus. A lot of effort also needs to be put into the sport. The three important techniques namely bat, throw, and the catch is most important and these three techniques evaluate your level of playing the sport. One should practice enough to shine on the field and so practicing with focus and dedication is the key to master the sport.