Originally England’s summer sport, cricket has become more well-known around the world. It has reached Australia, the United States, and even Pakistan.

Fans enjoy watching the bat-and-ball game live at the field and find any way possible to stream it at home.

The sport has developed in important ways since it was first played but still stays true to its roots. New technology and innovations have allowed it to develop into what it is. There is now a women’s association to play the sport as well!

If you love the game, you might want to do more to show your support for the sport. Beyond wearing a jersey, there are many fun ways you can do so.

All of the six activities below will help you channel your love for cricket.

Play Your Own Version at Home

If you’re a fan of the sport, there is a good chance you already play the traditional game with your friends. However, there are many variations of the sport that only true fans will know to play.

Book cricket is a popular form of sport that doesn’t even involve having to leave the house. Children play it in class, and adults can play when the weather isn’t good for an outdoor match.

All it takes is a book and two people. They each take turns opening to a random page of the book. The last digit of the page number on the right page (the even-numbered pages) determines the number of runs scored.

For example, if a player opens to page 34, they scored four runs. Some of the numbers, however, represent in-game penalties. These can vary, but zero is often the “batter” getting out.

You can play with any number of friends. A big book is the most exciting way to play because there are so many pages!

If there is no game to watch and you can’t play your own game outside, round up your friends and start a game of book cricket for fun.

Host a Themed Party

Whether it is your birthday or you want to have a few friends over for a viewing party, a cricket-themed event will prove your ultimate fan status.

Party supply shops carry cricket gear, from plastic cups to blow-up bats and balls. Have a special cake made decorated in cricket gear or designed to look like a playing field.

You could even make cake pops that are shaped like the balls used in the game! Make your cricket-style party games to play together to get the party started.

Get creative with the decorations to set the sporty vibe. Every one of the guests will feel like they came straight from a true game after the event you host.

  1. Play Cricket-Themed Slots

Every land-based casino seems to have slots that are themed to various popular ideas, like movies, TV shows, or musical artists. Online slots also have themes, and a popular one is the cricket theme!

Do a little searching to find a casino that has a cricket-themed slot that will help you hit it big. If you use a resource like OnlineCasinoGems, it’ll be even easier to find the perfect slot with the best bonus.

Get hooked on the slots with themes you love. You can then expand your fun to other slots that interest you!

Playing a slot that depicts realistic in-game experiences will get you in the sporty, cricket-playing mood. You’ll love the cricket references and the addition of winning money when you play online slots (great guide on how to play slots online, here).

If you aren’t up for playing the game itself and there isn’t a game on TV, get a taste of what you love in an online casino that has a cricket slot.

Head to a Cricket Pub or Bar

Watching sports at home is never as fun as it is when you watch it with others. While having friends over is one solution, heading to a bar or a pub is even more thrilling.

You’ll be surrounded by fellow fans who share the same love of the game as you do. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people over a few drinks.

It’s always better to get out of the house every once in a while to enjoy a sports match. Everyone cheering and booing in harmony adds much more enjoyment to the atmosphere when you are watching a game.

Going out is also a great solution when you can’t get the game at home. It can be difficult to find a source that allows you to stream a game when it is outside of your country.

Make some new friends and learn more about the game by enjoying it in a bar setting.

Play in a Fantasy Cricket League

For fans of the sport who don’t want to play the actual game, joining a fantasy league is the best alternative.

Draft a team of your favorite real-life players of the sport. You will score points based on how they play in real matches.

Often, you play for real money against friends and other players, vying for your spot on the leaderboard.

There are many fantasy cricket apps to download that let join or organize a game. Host a draft party with friends to form your league and let the match begin!

Follow the Game on Social Media

A great way to stay connected to players and keep tabs on the latest updates is to follow the players of your teams on social media.

Track their travels, see their stats, and note their scores to get more involved in the game after it’s over or before it even begins.

Many players update their social pages with details of their lives outside of playing the game. Get the latest drama with ease by following a few of the game’s stars.

Social media can put you in contact with other fans, fan pages, and watch parties. You can learn new facts about the game, talk to new people, and enjoy the game in a whole new way.

The cricket experience involves more than just watching the games and sporting a jersey. You can support the sport more by participating in it yourself and spreading your passion to others.