The gambling world has seen some incredible changes in recent years, with more people moving to accept it and legalize it all around the world. Whether you’re a fan of sports betting, poker tournaments or slot machines, you’re bound to have seen some great developments with your favorite games and companies recently.

One area of the gambling world that’s receiving particular attention right now is the online sports betting sector. Online betting by itself is incredibly popular, but adding sports into the mix creates a whole new kind of frenzy. There are countless people all around the world who opt for online sports betting over any other kind of gaming. 

As with any kind of betting, however, the legislation surrounding it is not consistent. Many places around the world have legalized online sports betting and many places have not- while some simply remain in the middle. Even the states in America can’t agree on what should be done about online sports betting.

Some states have found great success with it so far, like New Jersey, and others have not legalized it yet- like Massachusetts. Today, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the top 5 things that Massachusetts could learn from New Jersey’s success with online sports betting.

Sports betting could bring in immense revenue for Massachusetts

One of the main benefits that sports betting being legalized for online purposes has bought the state of New Jersey is an immense influx in revenue. Currently, New Jersey is one of the biggest gambling hubs in America, and it’s easy to see why. They have a wonderful range of games and gambling options available, including a great online sports betting community.

This is a benefit that Massachusetts could absolutely expect to see with the legalization of online sports betting. It would be beneficial from the perspective of a company, but it would also be beneficial for the state financially as a whole.

Legalization would offer more protection for vulnerable gamers

Another great benefit that Massachusetts could expect from legalizing online sports betting is the further protection of vulnerable gamers and compulsive gamblers. When something is legalized and monitored by the government, it creates more opportunities for negative behaviours to be curbed and for vulnerable people to be helped. 

The legalization of sports betting would bring more visibility to compulsive gambling behaviours, and as a result, it would create more opportunities to help those who need it. This movement could create more systems and support networks for gamers who need it.

Legalizing sports betting would prevent malpractice

Any sort of legalization always leads to regulation, and this is one of the benefits that Massachusetts could expect from legalizing online sports betting. Regulating online sports betting would be a great way to stamp out any scams or malpractice within the community, and to make a safer gaming environment for everybody involved.

More jobs could be created as a result

The legalization of online sports betting means that more companies can be created and more will be able to operate legally in the daylight. As a result, there will be plenty more jobs and career progression opportunities for locals in Massachusetts to enjoy. It’s a very fast-paced industry with plenty of chances for new companies to emerge.

Following on from this, the rise in jobs would help to cut down on the unemployment rate within the state. This is always a benefit, as it means more people are being supported and helped, rather than left panicking with their bills or living on the streets.

The tourism industry in Massachusetts could be boosted immensely

A final benefit that New Jersey has seen from legalizing sports betting – and one that Massachusetts could see too – is a boost to the tourism trade. Like we noted earlier, sports betting is not fully legalized everywhere, so people will flock to legal locations to play.

Gambling fans and sports lovers will travel from state to state or even from country to get their fix, so legalizing online sports betting would be a great way to boost the tourism trade in the state of Massachusetts. This in turn could benefit independent resorts, hotels and casinos, which would make the state thrive more as a whole.

To sum up

Overall, New Jersey has seen some incredible success with legalizing online sports betting, and it’s safe to say that they’re sure to see more success in the near future too. There is always something new and exciting to be aware of in the online sports betting world, whether it’s a new app, website or type of game.

If Massachusetts wants to take part in the gaming boom and make the most of this craze, then the state needs to legalize online sports betting. The benefits truly are immeasurable- ranging from new jobs and a boost to the economy, to protection of vulnerable people and an influx of new gambling tourists to the state.

Will Massachusetts move forward to legalize this gaming style? Only time will tell. The team here at Boston Sports Extra will be following this story with great interest. Massachusetts is a beautifully diverse state with plenty of incredible accolades, so we’re sure to see it at the forefront of this modern movement soon.

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