Even though most online casino games are top-rated and secure, we can’t deny several rumours and misconceptions regarding them. These false notions are gaining traction among both casino players and non-gamblers around the world. This is a significant issue, so we believe it is vital to expose the following 7 popular myths of online casinos and debunk them one by one.

Players don’t get paid

Some folks assume they can get conned while playing online games. The truth is that online casinos would never have grown so famous if they had nothing to offer their customers. It is pretty safe to win money if you find casino games at reputable sites that adhere to all online gambling regulations. 

The game is not legal

We’ve seen several illicit businesses fail to survive the test of time online. If online casinos were considered illegal in every country, they wouldn’t have grown in popularity over time. Currently, some regions do not have legal frameworks to permit online casinos’ operations. However, country-by-country regulation governing this industry is becoming more prevalent as time goes on. Also, gambling at online casinos with sportsbook functions is neither forbidden nor authorized in some jurisdictions. It is only permitted or subject to appropriate regulation/legislation.

Online casinos are overtaking business from “real casinos”

Offline (physical) casinos are considered “real casinos” by certain players, while others consider online casinos to be the future of gambling. The European Business Review published an online article on this topic stating that online and offline casinos can coexist and complement one another. 

Many other players and investors believe that internet casinos have helped offline casinos grow by introducing more players to various games and direct gambling experiences while also enjoying the physical amenities.

Online casinos are linked with money laundering

Organizations or individuals who run internet casinos must undergo extensive background investigations before being accepted and licensed. Openness is a must in this situation. There is yet to be evidence to support the claim that online casinos practice money laundering.

Online casinos are rigged 

Many individuals assume that online casinos are rigged. They also assume that online casino operators or owners can control the volatility of their games. Although casinos have an advantage (the house edge) in different games, the outcome is wholly reliant on the player’s luck and abilities. Furthermore, third-party agencies keep track of internet casinos, which means any defrauding of players or customers will lead to the loss of their license. 

Underaged players can access online casinos

You are required to be at least 18 years to play at any registered/licensed online casino. Players whose ages aren’t verified will be unable to participate in the games.

Gambling addiction is easier online than offline 

Some people indeed have better self-control than others when it comes to addictive behaviours. This, however, does not necessitate blaming either online or conventional casinos. Many players play within their financial and time constraints and are not at risk of becoming hooked to online casinos. Some online gaming sites take gambling addiction very seriously and offer help and advice to help players control their gambling habits.


It’s easy to conclude and make assumptions about things we don’t understand. Just keep in mind that regulating bodies and organizations all contribute to the legitimacy of online casinos.