Sports freak continuously debate about football being the best sport in the world. Well, I’m also one of those crazy football fans which is why I’am writing this article to let you all know why football is the king of all sports and why audience in football matches is as restless as the crowd at Time Square on New Year’s Eve waiting for the ball drop. 

Football – a global game which sends chills running down everyone’s spine – simply because football leagues have brought nations together by allowing players from different countries to join hands in the spirit of sportsmanship. Here are seven reasons why football is the best game in this whole wide world and we love it for being as amazing: 

1. No Age Limit: 

Every primary American professional sport requires athletes to be of a certain age to play. Like, NFL requires all of their players to be three years out of the high school in order to get into NFL draft. Whereas NBA players have to be a year out from high school in order to get into the drafting. 

But this is not the case with football, there is no certain age limit to get into the football field. If the coach thinks the player is good enough to take the pitch, they throw him out on the field. A very prominent and most recent example is that of Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling and Southampton’s Luke Shaw. Both the players debuted at the age of 17 and left the audience in complete awe with their spectacular performance. 

If either of them were to get into American Football or Basketball team, they wouldn’t have been able to play until they were 19. So, yeah! Football is the king of all sports!

2. The sport doesn’t stop: 

Yeah, this particular sport doesn’t stop whether it’s raining or hailing. The party goes on. Football keeps invigorating the enthusiastic spirit of players even in crazy weather because tailgating is all about keeping the party rolling. 

3. Strategic Game: 

Football is often compared to Chess as the game requires a great deal of planning – a properly optimized strategy is necessary to ensure an upper hand over the opposing team. All fans tend to think they can coach those playing a game of football but that is quite an illogical and imprudent thing to say. The process of coaching requires every little move of the opponent to be understood and taken into consideration in order to devise a counter strategy. And football requires a great level of strategic planning backed by a proper thought process far more critically than any other sport. 

4. FIFA Video game: 

It’s essentially the craze of football which has made the FIFA video game a massive hit and a million-dollar industry. The sport has given birth to the trend of all-nighters, glued to their armchairs, playing tournaments across the globe to compete in international gaming events online. Football isn’t a hobby anymore rather has become a passion for millions around the globe. 

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5. Historic Football Stadiums: 

American history isn’t as rich as that of the Europeans. Nor does the country boast any historic football stadiums, rather stadiums are generally newly built and modern in style. Historic football stadiums are more so found across Europe and hold special significance for football fans. A few of the major and rather old football stadiums include Anfield, Maracana, Azteca, Bernabeu, Camp Nou, and Old Trafford. Many major matches have been conducted in these fields eversince – legends have played here and inspired masses with their spectacular performances. Every time a football fanatic steps into these fields they feel a natural sense of love for the game swell and the spirit of the game rise within them. They are over-taken by awe and a spirit that one cannot experience by just sitting across their television screens. 

Largely speaking American football fields don’t last more than 40 years because of a system of sports franchises and the competition among them. 

6. Instability of the managers:

The managerial positions in the world of football are extremely unstable. They are considered to be one of the hardest jobs in the sports industry. It is observed managers do not last more than three years in a club because of high expectations and demands of club owners. Chelsea is the most infamous club in this regard and has sacked several managers in the past decade. The Spanish club Real Madrid has also switched eleven managers since the turn of the century. In football, it’s not the players who lose credibility and job rather their managers. 

7. Continental competitions:

Teams from every continent where football is played compete against each other to achieve the title of the Best Club of the Continent. UEFA Champions League is the most famous competition of all. But there are other great continental companionships also. In fact competitions conducted in North America, Africa, and Asia are also called the Champions League. CONMEBOL’s Copa Libertadores is the only continental competition not known as a Champions league. These continental leagues display such strong rivalries that are rarely witnessed in any other sport. 

The aforementioned seven reasons tend to tell football is not just a game rather a passion which involves millions and millions every where – and that is what essentially makes it the undisputed king of all sports!

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