Baseball is a great game, and one enjoyed by many thousands of Americans. It’s not just fun to watch but also fun to play – especially if you  know the secret to hitting the ball well! You can purchase USA baseball bats here, and then you’ll be ready to use these seven great tips that will help you make sure you hit the ball the right way, so let’s get going!”

  1. Back Foot Position – before we go on to talk about your front foot, let’s consider the back foot. It’s just as important for getting the right stance, and if you get it right, will help you make the perfect hit. To achieve the rotation required, your back foot needs to be on its toe; this is for ample agility to make the strike. But, that comes in conjunction with what you do with your front so let’s have a look at that.
  2. Firm Front Side – to achieve the above you need to keep a firm front side. This means your front leg needs to be steadily planted – perhaps with a slight bend – so that you can keep your head movement to a minimum, and also any forward momentum you may feel. In this position, you can begin the essential rotation that incorporates the above back foot position.
  3. Palm up, Palm Down – this is the essential position of the hands. Imagine you hold the bat and then take the bat away without you moving your hands. Your right hand should be facing directly upwards, your left straight down (this is for a right-handed person). This is absolutely essential to get the best swing possible.
  4. See the Ball – of course this is common sense, but you need to have your head on the ball in order to hit it. You need to be able to watch the ball perfectly as it flies towards you, and this can take some practice. Get it right, and you’ll have perfect strikes more often than not. It’s worth remembering that the best way to improve baseball performance is to practice, and then practice some more!
  5. Make a Straight Line – you may have got it by now that the key to great hitting lies in getting the right poise. To this end you need to position yourself so that your back knee and hip, and your head, should be in a straight line. Again, getting this right means practice, but once you master it you will achieve the right level of rotation and power.
  6. The Head to Feet Triangle – imagine a triangle with your head as the upper point and your feet as the lower points. Your head should be positioned bang in the middle, as that triangle is the sturdiest and most robust position you will achieve. It also means you can rotate on that axis easily and quickly, thus getting a better and more powerful hit.
  7. Top Arm Position – the ideal position is that the elbow of your top arm is jammed against the side of your body. The reason for this is to generate more power – more torque – when you hit the ball. If you can’t achieve actual contact, keep your elbow as close to your body as you can, otherwise you will lose essential power on the strike.

The above represent seven ways to improve your hitting. You cannot guarantee that you will achieve all seven together – nobody can – but if you practice each and combine them as best you can, you will find that your strike rate goes up much faster than you might believe. Get practicing, and perfect your baseball hit.