As we get older, so the level of testosterone produced in the body becomes less. This can be a problem for some men, as it is an essential hormone for those who are active, and even more of a problem for athletes, for whom stamina is an issue.

Testosterone production naturally begins to slow down after around age 30. This can lead to reduced sex drive, erectile disfunction, and even problems with memory and concentration.

What can you do to increase testosterone? There are supplements you can buy that are designed to boost testosterone levels. Some of these are very good indeed, and come with plenty of customer testimony. Beware those that promise a ‘quick fix’ as this is never the case; it takes work and effort, even with a good supplement.

There are also natural ways to increase testosterone levels that can be used by athletes. This resource goes into great detail about natural methods of testosterone boosting, so we thought we’d summarise a few for you. Here’s 7 of the best ways an athlete can boost testosterone:

Strength Training – full-on strength training will encourage the body to increase testosterone production. One study has shown that regular work-outs are surprisingly effective in this way. Keep it simple and work many muscles at once, and you’ll soon see your athletic stamina return to its best..

Eat Healthy Fats – there is such a thing as ‘good fat’ when it comes to your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are great for testosterone production as they enhance cholesterol. You can find healthy fat in foods such as coconuts, nut oils, palm oil, avocado, olive oil and almonds. It’s worth researching food that contains the right fat.

Zinc – this is an essential compound that you will find in any good testosterone booster supplement, so check it is present if that is the root you are looking at. Zinc is often found to be deficient, so make sure you incorporate it into your diet. It is present naturally in meat and fish, in cheese and milk, plus yoghurt and some other foods. Check it out further and make sure you get enough.

More Vitamin D – vitamin D is known to increase the sperm count. This in turn enhances testosterone production. We need sunlight to produce vitamin D as very little that we eat contains it. Of course, too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous, so do take care with this. Fatty fish – tuna and salmon – plus cheese and beef liver contain vitamin D, and many testosterone booster supplements do too.

Watch Your Sugar Intake – sugar creates insulin, and too much sugar will lead to too much insulin. High insulin levels are known to inhibit testosterone production, so you should do without sugar as best you can, or at least cut out food and drink that contains high sugar levels.

Avoid Stress – not the easiest thing to achieve in these days of demanding jobs and family lives, but stress is a factor in low testosterone production. This is because stress – both physical and mental – produces cortisol – the stress hormone – which negates all the effects of testosterone. Ensure you sleep well, take time out to yourself, and take a little timer out before athletic events to compose yourself.

Have Sex – our final suggestion may seem a little odd at first, but having a healthy and enjoyable sex life is important in terms of testosterone production. If you have lost interest – a sign of low testosterone – then get back into it, as you will find it helps a great deal.

That’s a brief summary of seven ways in which you can naturally increase testosterone production, and we can’t stress how important it is for athletes to have adequate testosterone in the system, so read some more and get working out.