The Red Sox are most certainly going to re-open extension talks with the All-Star right fielder. What could a potential extension look like?

With free agency about the blow up the entire landscape of the MLB for the foreseeable future, could the Red Sox make an unprecedented move? If so, what could shake up things for the next decade? Extending All-Star and MVP candidate Mookie Betts! The five-tool player has shown flashes of greatness. When will Betts get paid?

His career numbers as of now indicate his game is only trending upward. He sports a career .301 batting average, with 105 home runs and 374 runs batted in. to go along with 104 stolen bases. To go along with two Gold Gloves, three straight All-Star selections, and a Silver Slugger award.

Last winter, the Sox signed J.D. Martinez to a five year $110 million contract with numerous player opt-outs after this season. While there are talks of restructuring after this season, these are the present numbers. J.D. has experienced his fair share of struggles throughout his career, making Mookie the better of the two. He will command more in any contract.  The rising star is becoming one of the top 3 players in the game.

Similar extensions

In 2015, the Los Angeles Angles extended Mike Trout to a six year, $144.5 million contract. The two-time MVP is one of the other top three players in the league. Now, there is no comparison between Trout and Martinez as an all around player, but offensively you could make some arguments. If Trout could command this money, what can other stars expect to want?

This year, the other top three player becomes the biggest free agency prize in years. Bryce Harper watch has been in effect all season long, with hopes of hints as to where he’ll wind up after free agency is all said and done. He could command anywhere to a rumored ten year $400 million deal. It would be the largest deal in sports history, but that deal could be shrinking after his sub-par .248 batting average. The Washington Nationals star has plenty of options moving forward.

Finally in 2014, the Miami Marlins extended Giancarlo Stanton to a 13 year $325 million contract, the largest contract ever. Now a member of the New York Yankees, Stanton has ten years left on his current contract, while he can opt out at anytime after 2020. The no trade clause is still in effect.

Considering all of the above contracts, what could a possible Mookie Betts extension look like? With the level of play he has flashed (especially against American League east teams) He could easily command a $200 deal. He is currently making $10.5 million this season with three more years of arbitration left.

Let’s just suggest his arbitration increases by at least $5.5 million each season. By the time he hits his first free agency, he would make $27 million for one season. If you go by his five-tool ability, it’s easy to conceive that his extension could be in the eight year, $225 million range.

If the two sides decide to go this route will have to wait. The postseason is creeping fast. While the numbers will be different, this is how the market is. While all attention shift to the end of the season, more excitement is soon to come.