Today, we will be talking about the history of our beloved team, the Boston Celtics. They are widely regarded and recognized as the most successful team in the NBA, ever since the NBA was first founded. That is why we’ve prepared some interesting facts about this team that will hopefully make your day brighter, or at least maybe some of them will make you chuckle. If you’re interested in that, then let’s begin with this wonderful article.

First of all, the Boston Celtics were formed on June 6, 1946. They were created by the Boston Garden-Arena Corporation’s president Walter A. Brown. Incidentally, they were the first team ever to pick a black man to play, becoming the first NBA team to do so ever. Thus, being one of the early fighters against racism and its bad effects. Also, the Celtics didn’t really become successful right away. At first they struggled, with one man practically doing everything. The paperwork, the practices, college practices, games, roadtrips, everything was planned by one man – Red Auerbach. Coincidentally, he was the man who, with his hard work, lifted Celtics out of the mud, and eventually managed to get them into bigger games and to bring them more success. After he managed to sign Bill Russell, the Celtics finally rised to fame. They were in the NBA 1957 finals, and they defeated the St. Louis Hawks. And in seven games at that, bringing them 17 championships, making it the first record in the history. Also, Bill Russell won eleven of them, making him the most decorated NBA player in the history as well. After Auerbach retired, though, he put Russell in the position of player-coach, simply to keep him interested. Thus, once again, for the first time, hiring the first black coach ever in the history of the United States of America. It’s like Quality Amateur Porn Sites, they couldn’t get enough.

And from then on, numerous eras of Celtics changed over the time. New players came, new players left, and the saddest thing of all, new players died. That’s why, another interesting but sad fact, is here. Reggie Lewis, the belowed player for the Celtics, unfortunately died of a heart attack in 1993. To honour him, the Celtics retired his number 35 from the team forever, thus showing love and compassion. But even though we’ve paid our respects, and some things come and go, we still have to mention what’s left today, and look back at the great tradition of this team. Erotic and Sex Stories Online are maybe a new thing, but this team definitely isn’t. And its history of rivalry with different teams will show you exactly that. The Celtics’ biggest rival up to date are, of course, the Los Angeles Lakers. But they’re not the only ones! We also have the Atlanta Hawks, and the Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons, as well as New York Knicks, Washington Wizards, and Philadelphia 76ers as well. All in all, this team has a great tradition, like Perfect Sex Games. And no matter how many things change in this industry, the Celtics will always be there.

That’s why we should cherish what we’ve got and we should love our sports teams. You never know what their history is like. Like the Celtics, hiring the first black NBA player and couch in the world. Most of you probably never even knew that. That’s why we should constantly keep ourselves educated, because there is a whole ton of information out there that we might not know about. And if you want to stay informed on the topics of your favorite Boston teams, you should definitely head over to our site. We always post the most crucial info, and you will never miss anything if you do decide to follow us. As far as the Celtics go, as most of you know, they are still going strong, kicking asses and taking names everywhere they go. If you liked this article and the information within it, then please, come over to our site and take a little look. You might like what you find, and you can always stay on top of every info regarding the team/teams that you follow. Thank you for reading this, and see you in the next one!