Whenever you’re watching the New England Revolution play soccer, you’re excited beyond limits. You can’t contain your excitement throughout the week leading up to the Revs’ match, you’re thrilled while watching the game, and you’ve pumped up the rest of the week as well. But what is it that makes watching soccer so fun? Here are the reasons.

Passion for the sport

The next time you’re watching the Reds go head to head against NYC FC or Chicago Fire, take a moment to step back and look around you. Look at your friends watching the sport and at the crowds cheering in the stadium. You’ll realize that regardless of your location, situation, and preference, the passion for the sport remains the same. Every soccer lover has an unmatched passion for the sport.

Major stadiums are packed to the brim with fans that love their teams and players unconditionally and players who would do anything for their fans. No other sport can rival the amount of unbridled passion soccer fans show each week.

Participating in the sport

There are many ways you can indulge yourself in the amazing sport of soccer. You can either head out with your friends and play a game yourself. You’ll feel the thrill from scoring the goal, the sweat beads rolling down your face, and immense fun from playing with your friends.

Or if you can’t quite play it yourself, you can play it differently, in that you can compete with your friends over who’ll win. You can place bets with your friends and show off your soccer knowledge and skills. And if you can’t do that either, you can wager online with sportsbook websites. These websites let you place various types of bets and on games and sports across the world. They also offer other options for entertainment like online slots and live casinos.

Promotions and Relegations

The promotions and relegations in soccer are a huge factor that makes it exciting. Promotion to the top flight can be a club’s lucky break. It means everything to the club if the club can make it to the high table. And even if it stays in the top league for only a season, the fan recognition and financial gains can give a huge boost to the club.

On the other hand, relegation is the worst nightmare for a club and it’s fans. In top leagues, the bottom three clubs are usually banished to the division below them. This is in contrast to the high draft pick common in American sports. Since relegation is such a draconian punishment for the bottom teams, it makes even the matches at the bottom end just as exciting as finals.

No age limit in soccer

All other American sports have set an age limit for new players. For example, the NFL requires players to be three years out of high school before they can enter the NFL draft and the NBA sets the bar at one year out of high school.

However, soccer has no limit for new players to join. A new player simply has to prove themselves and they can start playing soccer professionally. And if a club finds a new player they think is skilled enough, they won’t hesitate to sign him up and throw him onto the pitch. Seeing new players join the ranks of your favourite teams is a big part of the watching experience as well. Young players like Raheem Sterling and Luke Shaw who joined at the age of 17 have proven themselves and quickly gathered a huge following.