Last August 2nd, Kirk Minihane checked himself into Winchester Hospital with suicidal thoughts. Later, he was moved to McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. Minihane tweeted this explaining his situation. The next day he did what he often does, discussed what was going on in his life

Minihane was very candid about what happened during one of the most frightening times of his life. He discussed how much research he did on the topic of suicide. Minihane went into detail about what method he thought about using. He also laid out the factors that were triggering the incredible pressure he felt. Listening to it again, it almost sounds like a therapy session.

Now there are many reasons Kirk Minihane is a compelling media personality. He is very witty and sarcastic. Minihane knows what stories his audience wants to hear discussed. He is not afraid to share his opinions no matter who disagrees with them. However, his willingness to discuss real issues in his life might be his best attribute.

Many broadcasters choose to not be so forthcoming with their personal lives. And honestly, who can blame them? It is often difficult to discuss challenges in life with loved ones. Most media members do not want to share their issues to thousands of strangers. But that is a big reason why Minihane’s fan-base is so incredibly loyal and rabid. He elicits a more personal connection with his audience. They feel like they know Kirk.

Minihane has never been shy about letting his listeners peak behind the curtain. He always loved sharing the local media gossip, especially when it involved WEEI drama. Minihane also opened up when he lost both of his parents to cancer in 2017. However, this conversation about his suicidal thoughts really took his candor to a new level.

Minihane is currently at Barstool Sports and can truly speak in an unfiltered atmosphere. It will be interesting to hear how he addresses this anniversary. He tweeted this out on Friday. 

It is rather impressive Minihane can talk about his mental health issues in a public forum. In such a vulnerable setting, he is letting all of his pain be known. Minihane believes mental health is still stigmatized in our society. He has talked about how hard it is for people to admit they need help.

Minihane has said he now feels much more comfortable talking about his mental health struggles or hard times in life. He also encourages people to reach out to him if they are going through mental health problems.

Minihane is like no other in media member because no conversation topic is off limits, no matter how hard it may be to talk about.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

“We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.”


The photo is from Kirk Minihane’s twitter account. It shows Kirk and his mother at the Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.

Story by Chad Jones

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