If you are a soccer fan, you must have heard of La Masia, the famous football academy of FC Barcelona which has been known to churn out world-class talent on a regular basis. Victor Valdes, Xavi, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, and Cesc Fabregas. These are players who graduated from the same academy and were part of the 2010 World Cup winning team. Xavi and Andres Iniesta are true legends of the game who were known for their passing and playmaking, which was part of their education at the academy.

Lionel Messi, who joined the academy at the age of 13 has come out many times to support the academy’s teachings and emphasizes the need to keep on investing in youth. They say that Messi would not have been the player he is today if he did not have the Barcelona DNA ingrained him; meaning focus on possession, passing, and playmaking.

The academy is the epitome of what sports academies should be like. The academy has a rigorous routine and coaches available to focus on each aspect of players. Not only on football, but they have started coaching players in the sports of basketball, futsal, handball, and roller hockey too.

The 2010 World Cup winning team is the prime reason why sports clubs and franchises across the world; no matter which sport it is, should invest in youth to make for better players and a great team.

Many franchises and clubs across the world choose to focus on an upcoming player by bringing him/her to them or go off signing an established player; this is a short-cut for success, trophies can be won with this way but clubs and franchises have to spend big in this approach.  On the other hand, investing in youth and building a team from the ground up has its own merits; the players know what they are playing for and how they have to play because of the values ingrained in them. Tim, a developer who provides Python Assignment Help at TFTH and an avid football fan sums it up by saying, “It is much like training an employee for a position with greater responsibilities; he/she will know what is at stake and what is the approach required to achieve the ultimate targets of the company. “

John from OnlineAssignmentWriting comments on the situation, “Manchester City started spending big on its sports academies a few years ago; we can see now that they have started to gain results, a few talents have been groomed well that are tipped to be the next superstars of the game. Phil Foden is an example of that, praised highly by the legendary Pep Guardiola.

Investing in youth is also an advantageous prospect in terms of monetary perspectives; La Masia and many sports academies in clubs of Portugal and Ukraine have gained huge profits by letting their graduates go to other clubs which paid a huge fee for them. FC Santos of Brazil signed Neymar in 2003 when he had not even entered his teens and sold him for a sum that will be termed extravagant at the least.