Another Year Another Championship Game In Foxborough

The AFC Championship game will once again be held in Foxborough. This will be the seventh year in a row that the Patriots will play in the AFC title game. Unlike last year they will not be playing the Steelers. Instead they will be taking on Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I hate to say it, but the Patriots will crush the Jaguars. The same fate will be true for whoever they play in the Super Bowl. The four quarterbacks left in the playoffs are Tom Brady, Case Keenum, Blake Bortles, and Nick Foles. If that isn’t an easy road for the Patriots I don’t know what is.

Brady the Goat

Why would Brady even retire after this season? Though he’s forty  he is playing at a high level and can still compete in the sport he loves. The Steelers overlooked their game against the Jaguars and were only focused on the Patriots. It’s the Patriots versus everybody else. They never overlook anybody, no matter how bad the team may be. The Patriots are the best team in football for a reason. At the end of the day everything works out for them.

Patriots-Jaguars is Almost Laughable

This eighteen year playoff run is really remarkable. It’s something that will not happen again for a very long time. The last time the Patriots played the Jaguars in the postseason was ten years ago on January 12th, 2008 in the Divisional round. The Patriots won that game 31-20, and Brady passed for 262 yards and three touchdowns in the win. Ten years later the two teams meet again in the playoffs, and Brady is still the starting quarterback. Tom Brady spoke after the win against the Titans about the success they’ve had over the years:

“I mean, it’s pretty incredible to be a part of that. I think the thing is that we don’t really take it for granted around here I know how hard it is to get to this game. We’re very blessed to do it. It takes a lot of things, a lot of good fortune, a lot of hard work, but obviously a lot of great blessings.

“I think our team has proven over the course of the year we can win important games against good teams and we did that tonight and that’s why you keep moving on. The reality of the NFL is what we did this week will have nothing to do with what happens next week. We’re going to have to go repeat it, so you’ve got to get right back to work, right back to the process of trying to figure out how to breakdown our opponent. Everyone’s got to feel good physically and mentally and go out there and try to cut it loose one more time in a huge game.”

It’s now on to Jacksonville for a chance to play in another Super Bowl.