Kirk Minihane had an eventful first month at Barstool Sports. In 22 episodes Minihane has introduced himself to Stoolies around the world. Fans can hear his superb wit, sarcastic tone, and feel for what listeners want. He has already brought in many characters into the show, including a peculiar Patriots beat writer, and a blind former Barstool intern. He has bashed The Boston Globe, WEEI, and a Massachusetts politician among others. 

“The Kirk Minihane Show” is currently the 13th ranked podcast on iTunes in the category of sports and recreation. His most recent episode is sitting at 19 in this department. For context, the show is right in between “FantasyPros — Fantasy Football Podcast” at 12 and “SVP and Russillo” at 14. As far as other Barstool podcasts, the incredibly popular “Pardon My Take” is currently number two in this section. Barstool’s hockey and golf podcasts, “Spittin Chiclets” and “Fore Play”, rank 19 and 25 in sports and recreation. 

While Minihane is no stranger to conflict, he was probably not expecting to face legal trouble so early on in his Barstool career. When “The Kirk Minihane Show” debuted on June 17th, Minihane and Barstool Sports were sued by Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone. On June 6th, Kirk Minihane, wait, I mean, Boston Globe reporter Kevin Cullen, had a phone conversation with Mayor Curtatone to discuss Barstool Sports. Curtatone filed a lawsuit sighting Minihane did not reveal his true identity. (Yes, all of this actually happened.)

Minihane can find an interesting angle in any topic brought up. He is very compelling when discussing inside media gossip. Many of his fans would say this is bread and butter. Minihane can also make the listener chuckle with a well placed biting comment during the flow of conversation. However, an often overlooked fact in Minihane’s broadcasting persona is he enjoys hearing dissenting view points. He does not want his show to be a link minded echo chamber. In fact, quite the opposite. He actively seeks out people he disagrees with. 

On his most recent show, Minihane battled with OJ Simpson’s current attorney, Malcolm LaVergne. The highlight of this wild, contentious conversation was near the end of the interview. Minihane was taunting LaVergne throughout the entire conversation. He then mocked LaVergne by asking, “Who do you think OJ murdered first, Ron or Nicole?”  

He has also been of the middle of drama inside Barstool Sports. Such as when he talked to Francis Ellis after Ellis was fired for a controversial blog. Not to mention earlier this week, Minihane went to Barstool Sports Headquarters and promptly stirred the pot like only he can. 

Minihane joked that if he wanted to host Barstool’s Sirius XM morning show he could have the job. Well, Willie Colon, a former NFL player and current host of that show, did not take to kindly to Minihane’s wisecrack. While Minihane was on the air, Colon sat inches away and stared him down. Minihane admits he thrives during uncomfortable radio situations. Naturally, he proceeded to taunt Colon and mock him for not having it out on the air. Well, the next day, they sure did.  

Minihane is succeeding at Barstool Sports doing what he was doing at WEEI before many factors lead to him losing his show (more on this to come). He has an incredibly loyal fanbase that obviously followed him to Barstool Sports. While his adversaries will still probably try to bring him down, it feels like this time, Kirk Minihnae is not going anywhere.