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Alex Guerrero: Health Guru / Locker Room Menace

This past season for the New England Patriots was filled with more drama involving its own clubhouse than I can ever remember in recent history. The drama started to unfold when Seth Wickersham cited a rift between Kraft, Belichick, and Tom Brady. The drama stemmed back to one man: Alex Guerrero.

For those not familiar with Mr. Guerrero, he is Tom Brady’s trainer, health guru, close personal friend, and now ENEMY of Bill Belichick. The Wickersham report basically stated that Belichick was unhappy with Guerrero’s presence in the clubhouse and on the sidelines, which ultimately lead to a ban him from being associated with the Patriots. To no one’s surprise this did not settle well with TB12, who loves having this guy around. Let’s face it, he played an ENORMOUS role in saving Tom’s career.

SIDE NOTE – Not sure if anyone noticed in Tom vs Time, but EVERY TIME Brady got treatment at the Patriots facility, it appeared to be on a massage bed in some sort of luxury suite.


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Should He Be Allowed to Work with the Team?

The question football fans have surrounding this situation is an easy one: is Bill taking this entire situation too far? My answer is simple. Yes, he is going WAY too far with this one, and usually I don’t question The Hoodie (unless it comes to sitting Malcolm in the Super Bowl). But I have to question this decision from an outsider’s standpoint.

It has been speculated that not only Tom, but other Patriot players have reached out to Alex for help with battling injuries or his health methods. Guys like Jimmy G, Gronk, Julian Edelman, and now Malcolm Mitchell have been reported as other players seeking for Guerrero’s guidance and methods. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand Bill’s perspective behind banning Alex from the locker room because he doesn’t want to undermine the trainers. But guess what Bill: TIMES CHANGE, METHODS CHANGE, THINGS CHANGE. If certain guys want to enhance their health and ability to perform on the field and for the good of the team, then let them. Nothing wrong with new methods.

Malcolm Mitchell, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski do have something in common with Tom Brady, and that is INJURIES. These three guys knew beforehand about Tom tearing his ACL and also being 40 years of age, yet still playing at the highest level imaginable. Why wouldn’t these guys want to seek help from the same man who put Tom’s health and training over the edge? With Julian tearing his ACL too, and the numerous injuries Gronkowski has sustained, why wouldn’t they want to get better and improve for the long-term? It’s a NO BRAINER! Let these guys do what they have to do! And let’s immediately get them some avocado ice cream!


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Closing Argument

Since working with Guerrero, Tom Brady has been an absolute mad man. A man on a mission. An old dog still in the fight, and off his chain. The last thing I want to do is upset the Greatest of All Time. Brady has credited his recent success in large part to Alex and the worth ethic that he has. A no days off mentality, and boy has it showed. Tom is going to be 41 and is still THE BEST QB in the NFL.

I 100% back Tom in this decision and hope Bill doesn’t ruin relationships over Alex and his methods. Alex should just be hired by the team and  guys who want to train with him can do so. There’d be no chastising like Rob Gronkowski dealt with in a locker room incident. Tom, Bill, and Robert Kraft have built a legacy together here in New England. One can only assume they won’t let a trainer get in between that and ruin another Super Bowl run… Or a friendship



BOTTOM LINE- Dont piss off the GOAT !