Alex Guerrero Holds Meeting at Pats Health Center

(Foxboro, MA, 08/07/17) New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his nutritionist Alex Guerrero during Patriots Training Camp Joint Practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars at Gillette Stadium on Monday, August 07, 2017. Staff photo by Matt Stone

Last week Alex Guerrero had a meeting at the Health Center at Patriot Place. The purpose of the meeting is unknown, but according to an insider at the facility, the meeting was about the Dana Farber Facility being built. Also, the Brigham and Women’s Health Care Center will expand into the new building. The speculation is that Guerrero is upset about the new healthcare center going up. There’s a physical therapy department going into the new facility too, which could take business away from TB12. The new Health Care Center along with the Dana Farber Center is going up right across from TB12.

Via Steve Atkinson

If that’s true, it’s no wonder why Belichick can’t stand Guerrero and kicked him out of the locker room. TB12 has enjoyed success. Guerrero seems like the kind of guy that knows what he’s doing better than everybody else. It probably has to do with Tom Brady, who at 40 is still playing at a high level.  Brady has established his brand so well that I really doubt they will lose business with another health center going up. Players currently go to the Brigham and Women’s Health Center for their x-rays and treatment.

Will Business Decline at TB12?

The treatment Brady and other players on the team get from TB12 seems to work wonders. However, that doesn’t sit well with Belichick, who wants the players to use the team’s medical staff for treatment. Belichick is sick of the Brady drama with Guerrero, a cause for some of the rift between Brady and Belichick. Guerrero’s meeting the other day raises questions about his integrity. Does Guerrero go too far? Is that what he did when he was treating Brady in the Patriots locker room and telling him not to listen to the team trainers?

If that meeting was about taking business away from TB12, that’s short-sighted on his part.  If the health center is expanding into the new building and it takes away business from TB12 because of the new physical therapy department, then Brady should come up with new treatments. I wonder if Brady had any part of Guerrero setting up the meeting. If not, he needs to remember it’s TB12, not AG12.