Professional basketball players in the NBA are some of the most famous people in the world. Famous basketball players name like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and even Shaquille O’Neal are seen in almost every basketball jersey. While everybody knows their names, no one knows the kind of struggle it takes to reach that far. For those who are aspiring to become some of the big names in the NBA someday, you can start your journey by doing the following things;

Watch the game as many times as possible

You can easily access and watch basketball online through VPNor on your television. The reason why you will want to do this is that you have so much to learn before you can go and play with the basketball hoops. From rules, positions and even techniques, watching the game will help you learn much faster than when you want to learn as you play. It is also right that you research about basketball and identify the position that you would like to play. You can afterward find where to draw your inspiration and channel your energy towards beating the best there is.

Perfect your dribbles and passes

The basics of basketball include dribbling and passing. You may think that passing a basketball is as simple as throwing the ball but what you don’t realize that passing the ball through a fair distance more than 100 times is hard. Yo, therefore, need to train your hands so that they can get used to passing and receiving the ball without any problem. Without excellent ball handling skills, you can never survive in any basketball court because the coach is most likely to take you out. The good thing is that you can always learn how to pass and dribble as long as you have space and ball. You need to focus so much energy during this period because it will determine your skill level.

Start from the neighborhood

One of the easiest techniques for developing your basketball skills is by training constantly. In the neighborhood, you have a better chance of sharpening your skills because you will be able to experience a real gaming situation only that you will be playing with your friends. This is an excellent way to get rid of the fear and tension which generally comes when you are playing against real opponents. When playing amongst your friends, you will also learn your strengths and weaknesses after which you can focus on eradicating them. Some of the biggest names that you hear about in the NBA league can attest that they started from the neighborhood home courts.


No sport is easy especially when becoming the best is your goal. Remember that thousands of people from the planet are interested in becoming the best basketball player of all times. This makes your work even harder because on top of making yourself better, you need to try your best to be better than everyone else. Also, never forget that your mental health plays a significant role in your performance on the court; hence you might want to maintain a good relationship with the people around you to avoid stress.