For some people, betting is not only a hobby on the weekend but also a way of making a living. It is not a secret that with the right knowledge, anyone can make a lot of money on sports betting. However, what can professional gamblers do during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Life is on hold these days- there are no mass events and birthday parties. People all over the world are trapped in their houses, and all they can do right now is wait for better times. Many of them lost their main source of income, including bookmakers. 

However, while some of us are waiting for economic relief, bookmakers managed to find a way to make money on virtual sports but only via the sportsbook! Funny enough, even though horse races and football matches are only virtual, financial risks are real. If you want to take a look into the world of virtual sports betting, keep reading:

What is a virtual sport betting?

Bookmakers are constantly looking for new ways of making money. In a time of the pandemic, they finally discovered the opportunity of making cash on the virtual sport. 

Many of us heard about virtual reality games and cybersex, but the virtual sport is a relatively new thing. At this point, everyone can create a team and place their wagers on computer-generated matches. The entertainment part is real here – instead of watching Christino Ronaldo scoring goals on FIFA, you can become the main player and make decent money in case you win. 

Gamblers who don’t like playing video games can choose their favorite players and make their bets.

According to, the case of virtual horse races is a bit different. The winner is usually picked by a computer algorithm, which can be totally unpredictable. Needless to say, in this case, winning a sports bet is only a matter of luck, but some gamblers don’t mind taking such risks.

Advantages of virtual sports betting


Quite possible, virtual sports betting will not only stay but also become one of the main games people will bet on. The thing is that this form of betting has a lot of advantages. First of all, the list of betting options is just endless. Secondly, gamblers can play anytime they want. Last but not least, virtual betting becomes legal in most countries. For instance, over the last few months, 14 states legalized virtual sports betting:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Iowa
  • Delaware
  • New Hampshire
  • West Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana

The number of online sports betting platforms is increasing on a daily basis. Bookmakers don’t know for how long people will stay at home, so they want to make sure their business is booming no matter what circumstances are. As you can see, for someone the time of pandemic is a perfect storm.

Disadvantages of virtual sports betting

Every business model has its drawbacks, and virtual sports betting is not an exception. For instance, some gamblers report losing more money while betting online. It can be explained with the number of events going on in the virtual world – every hour, there is a new exciting game.

Another great disadvantage of betting on online games is the lack of information. It is difficult to analyze the current situation in order to make the right bet – some games are not even played by real people. Moreover, you cannot use your basic betting strategies, such as line shopping or bet diversity. So, once again, it’s all about luck and intuition, not the mathematical approach that was used in good old betting.

The bottom line

People will always want to be entertained, even in times of plague. That’s why sports betting has never been paused during the quarantine. You can have fun and make money on betting online. It might be a different experience, so forget about the strategies you used before. It’s time to discover the market of virtual betting.