With this Red Sox team the stars are pretty obvious. On the offensive side, you have Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Xander Bogaerts as well as others that have excelled. On the defensive side, there are guys like Jackie Bradley Jr. and Andrew Benintendi making amazing catches left and right. For the pitching staff, you have Chris Sale and David Price leading the way. But one guy that gets forgotten about more often than not is Brock Holt. Just in case you were one of the Red Sox fans that forgot about Holt too, here are a few reasons to love the utility man.

His On Field Ability

It’s not like Brock Holt is one of the worst baseball players we’ve ever seen. In fact, he is pretty good. Remember, Holt was the only member of the 2015 Red Sox team to make the All-Star team. During the Red Sox World Series run last season he was a big part it. In the regular season he hit .277 with seven home runs ,along with 46 RBI’s. Remember the game three rout of the Yankees in the ALDS at Yankee Stadium last season? Yeah, Holt hit for the cycle that game. The batting averages in the ALCS and World Series might not have been great for Brock. But it seemed like when the Red Sox needed a big at bat from him, he would make something happen. Also, Holt is having a good year so far this season with a .317 average. In other words, Brock Holt is a valuable asset to the Red Sox.

His Personality

Brock Holt has one of the best personalities on this Red Sox team. Where do I even begin with the examples to show this? The first one has to be the J.D. Martinez hugs. Every single time J.D. Martinez hits a home run, Brock Holt is right there to greet him. On social media, Holt is as funny as they come. He doesn’t mind commenting on anything from Mookie Betts style choices to the popular “Section 10 Podcast” account, and everything else in between. Brock is as genuine as they come and has been a great clubhouse presence for the Red Sox.

His Generosity To Charity

Just look at the tweet above. Holt has no problem with donating to charities such as the Jimmy Fund. He was the Red Sox representative for the Roberto Clemente award in 2018. So, that says a lot about Holt’s character. No matter what the charity case is, Brock is one of the first guys to be ready to contribute anything necessary.

In Conclusion

Brock Holt is one of the hidden gems on this Red Sox team. It always helps to have a good locker room presence, which he definitely is day in and day out. But, he also can contribute on the field by playing multiple positions and swinging the bat. So thank you Brock for all you’ve done for the Red Sox thus far in your career! It would be nice to see the utility player finish his career in a Red Sox uniform.