A weekend on a yacht sounds fabulous, but at a glance it seems very complicated to organize.
But it is not true ! Nowadays renting a yacht is really easy. 

Traveling due to the COVID19 pandemic has changed. People are looking for desolated places that provide comfort, privacy and above all safety. A cruise is an option that combines all these things and at the same time provides an unforgettable experience.


How it works? This is a very intuitive search engine. If you can handle booking.com you can obviously handle YACHTIC.com. You can choose from a number of criteria which will allow you to select a yacht that meets your expectations. What kind of yachts can you rent? The choice is really wide from sailing boats, motor yachts to catamarans. It is updated regularly, so all the information you see on the website is up to date. You can also find additional services such as hiring a skipper if you are not qualified and buying insurance. The charterer has full control over the online booking of the yacht which is very convenient.

First time charter

Wondering how to arrange a yacht charter? The most important is the type of yacht, its size, location and price. If you are not sure which yacht to charter take a look at YACHTIC.com’s blog and Youtube channel, which also offers advice for first time charterers.

For whom? 

This is a good option for everyone. A weekend away with friends, family or a special event. I wish I had known about this option earlier when I was in the Caribbean because I would have definitely taken advantage of it. This is a great option to explore such places on your own, it is certainly an unforgettable adventure.


YACHTIC.com is a global brand, on the website you can check if there are vessels available in the places you are interested in. Customers can feel safe and have full control over their yacht booking online. One of the most popular destinations at the moment is the Mediterranean. Easy connections to Poland, beautiful views of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are attractive for tourists.


The cost of a yacht charter depends on many factors. The total amount consists of: rent of the yacht, marina fees, food and transportation and in the case of a motor yacht also fuel. The average price for fuel and fees in marinas and on piers is between 250 and 500€ per week depending on the size of the yacht. Expenses are very individual, certainly one of the key issues is whether you eat in tavernas or prepare your own meals. Both have their own unique atmosphere so it’s worth combining once having your morning coffee on the sea and once in the marina.

For more information visit https://www.yachtic.com/