Popular in America and around Europe, Bingo is one of the most played games among players.

Since its appearance online in 1997, it has resonated with many people’s hearts.

Motivated by the appealing sign-up or welcome bonus offers the different online casinos provide, many new players have decided to try this game for the first time.

After their introduction, online casinos like umbingo.com have become many players’ favourite choice. It looks like physical casinos have lost their primate supplanted by the benefits of playing at players pace, in the comfort of their homes.

In the last few years, we can talk about a real trend reversal. Since bars have launched authentic ‘bingo nights’ where players can play the game they like while drinking a beer or eating some chips, they have become many people’s favourite pastime.

Bingo bars: what makes them that appreciated? 

They only run on some specific days 

Some bars have introduced Bingo events on specific days of the week like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as a way to break with the weekly monotony and doing something different.

Most of the times, you have to sign up to these events which all have limited places. To make these nights even more appealing, bars often include a meal or a cocktail in this package for a very small price.

An alternative to your usual weekend’s routine 

Some bars organise their Bingo nights on Saturday or Sunday as a way to spice up weekends. They often include a pizza and a beer. With just a dozen pounds or a few more, you can spend an exciting night out while playing your favourite game.

Many special prizes to win 

Besides the cheap nature of these events, the possibility to win amazing prizes make them very popular. You can win everything you desire. From simple make-up accessories or garments to proper jewels. 

Fun ways to spend time together

Also, they are becoming social events. You can bring your best friend, your partner, your sister or your dad with you and spend some fun time all together.

The popularity of Bingo Bars in the UK 

Recently Great Britain in general and London, in particular, has become the capital of Bingo nights. Here we are going to list three of the most special pubs and places where you can spend your nights playing while having a lot of fun.

  • Lady Gaga’s: Apart from being a very nice place where to spend some time, this elegant pub hosts special artists, actors and singers (you can find even Lady Gaga in person).
  • Dabbers’: Another great place that hosts special artists from all over the UK. If you want to spend a special night full of fun and play Bingo, this is the best place to have all of this.
  • Pizza Pilgrim: If you are a pizza amateur and you also love this fantastic game, here you are your place. You can enjoy some delicious Italian food (from pizza to pasta) while playing Bingo or football table.