It’s never good news to hear that people think you’re the worst, especially when all you do is cheer for your favorite sports team, be it in Football, basketball or any other sports.

In a survey done by Insight Pest Solutions, a huge majority of 13,500 people surveyed said that the most annoying and awkward sports fans come from Boston, especially those who like to cheer for the Patriots.

Talk about a punch in the guts, all that Boston folks wanted to do was cheer for their team and hope they win, and all they get is hate from others for being too emotional for their team’s success.

In terms of ratios, more than 35% of the people surveyed said that Patriots fans were the most obnoxious due to their constant hype-ups of the games. But, if you ask around with some locals, nearly all of them will tell you that it’s just the jealousy talking as the Patriots have a very successful record with an even more successful season coming up next week.

When it comes to the NBA though, Celtics fans were the third most hated, but considering just how many teams there are, there’s still nothing to be proud of here. But it’s still good to know that you’re better than Lakers’ fans as they like to go over the top sometimes.

Overall though, it’s just subjective commentary in the end. Nobody really hates anybody in sports. It’s just pure sportsmanship and the thrill of competition that drives people’s “tribalism’ towards their teams. Be sure that no Boston locals would refer to their own as the worst fans, maybe the survey would have gone completely differently if they had interviewed Boston locals as well? Who knows.

What we do know is that a very similar thing had happened in Australia before.

Aussies hating on Aussies

A similar survey was conducted in Australia across three cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, with all four of them, unilaterally agreeing that fans from Melbourne were the absolute worst, both for domestic games as well as international ones.

It’s very rare to see even Melbourne fans call themselves the worst, that’s a completely different level of self-awareness, but most of them knew exactly what to blame it on.

Most of the people interviewed in the survey said that almost every Aussie online slots operator was targeting Melbourne as its primary market. This, in turn, popularized sports betting which doesn’t really bring out the best in people especially when they know that there’s money on the line for a game rather than just emotions and the thrill of the sport.

Luckily for the folks in Boston, this is not the case. As already mentioned, nobody from Boston will call themselves the worst, it’s just not going to happen, which is why it’s easy to say that this type of explanation does not apply to the ones surveyed by Insight Pest Solutions. It’s probably all about the display of affection to one’s team that’s bugging anybody that’s not a Patriot fan.