Every NBA Season brings renewed energy and enthusiasm for interested groups of people.
 The players refreshed from the layoff are ready to win honour for their teams an themselves.
 The fans look forward to cheer their teams and view great basketball games.
 The punters scour the betting sites to search for the most favourable odds.
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Some punters bet with their hearts. If you a die-hard supporter of a basketball team, you will find it difficult to place a bet on another team. Most punters bet with their heads. They are able to put personal preferences aside and wager after evaluating the past statistics, team changes and the opposition strengths and weaknesses.

What to expect when it kicks off.

If you are a Boston Celtics fan then both processes will coincide for the 2020 NBA Season. The Celtics will be one of the teams to watch.
 The team has won 17 NBA finals, which is more than any other team.

 While it is true that the last win was way back in 2008, there has been resurgence of late.
 In the last five years, the Celtics have entered the playoffs each time and have reached the Conference Finals twice. On both occasions they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
 Head coach Brad Stevens, who has been responsible for much of the Celtics success, is still with them.
 The Celtics have strengthened their ranks by inducting All-Star Kemba Walker, whose NBA career has been illustrious.

This scenario creates endless betting opportunities for punters wanting to back the Celtics. You will have to choose a suitable market based on your risk-taking propensity and then search the online betting sites for the best odds.

Championship Bets
NBA Championship
Boston Celtics have been given odds of around 25/1 for winning the NBA Championship.
Winning the championship is perhaps the highest risk NBA bet, especially before the season starts. The Celtics are far from being the favourites. Betting sites are offering odds of 3/1 on LA Clippers and 4/1 on LA Lakers. If you have a soft spot for the Celtics and are likely to punt a sum on them, the right time is now. If the Celtics perform well in the Regular Season
then the odds will get shorter.
Conference Championship
If you want to be a bit more conservative, then bet on the Celtics winning the Conference Championship. Boston Celtics are in the Eastern Conference. The two top rated LA teams are in the Western Conference. This greatly increases the chance of Celtics winning the Conference Championship after the Regular Season and play-offs. The odds are about 15/2 at
most online betting sites. Two teams are favoured to win the Easter Championship ahead of the Celtics. The Milwaukee Bucks face odds of 3/2 and the Philadelphia 76ers are at 12/5.
More Conservative Bets
If you are a rookie punter or are not willing to take the risks involved in the Championship Bets, there are still a decent number of options available to you.
Division Winner
Each Conference is divided into a number of Divisions and online betting sites also offer odds for the Division winners at the end of the Regular Season. The Celtics are in the Atlantic Division, along with Nets, Knicks, 76ers and Raptors. The odds for the Celtics are 9/2. The 76ers have odds of 4/7, which are too low to interest most punters.

Other Bet

If you want to explore the full range of NBA bets then you should check out US facing online sportsbooks. Some popular bets are:
 Qualifying for the playoffs: The top 8 teams from each Conference qualify for the
play-offs. The Celtics have qualified every year for the past five years, so the odds are bound to be short.
 Stage of elimination in the playoffs: There are three rounds in the play-offs – First Round, Semi Finals and Finals. You will be offered odds on which stage the Celtics will lose. If you place any of these bets and the Celtics fail to qualify then your bets lose.
All these bets are decided at the end of the Regular Season or Play-offs. So you will have to wait the entire season for the outcome. However, bets are offered for each basketball game that the Celtics will play. If you want quick resolution then these are the bets to punt on.

Match Bets

The odds for the match bets are posted few days before the game. You will need to check the NBA 2019-20 Schedule and mark out the dates for the Celtics matches. The simplest bets are for the team winning. However the expert punters go for the more challenging bets.

Spread Bets

This bet is also referred to as line bets. The best way to explain this bet to new punters is through an example. If the Celtics are playing the Lakers (remember the Lakers are the higher ranked team) the odds would be posted in this manner: Lakers -5.5 Celtics +5.5
 For a bet on Lakers to pay, that team must win by 6 or more points
 For a bet on Celtics to pay, that team must win or lose by maximum 5 points

Total Bets

This allows punters to bet on the total points (by both teams) scored in the game. The bets are posted as different ranges (say 180 to 220) and odds offered for each. You can bet on one or more of the ranges offered.

Prop Bets

These go by different names, but you will recognise them as they have nothing to do directly with the matches.
Most Valuable Player
This is a popular prop bet. At the end of the Regular Season NBA announces the name of the

Most Valuable Player. Kemba Walker from the Celtics has been given odds of about 60/1.
Number of Regular Season Wins
This bet is structured in the under/over format. The odds for the Celtics are: Over 48.5 – 9/10;
Under 48.5 9/10.