If you go to your local casinos, especially during the daytime, or during the week, you’ll run into some older, savvy gamblers that have been betting for decades. And generally, these are the type of people who have been doing so at casinos — possibly the same one, even — in person, for the entire duration. That was simply the only way to gamble before the Internet completely changed the betting landscape, and that’s all these guys know, so they still bet at casinos — whether they’re playing cards, games of chance, slots or sitting at tables. Casinos offer so many different games for so many different types of people — ages, careers, beliefs and whatever else. They’re all united for the relevant interest they share: gambling.

And while casinos are the old “tried and true” method, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the only way to gamble. In fact, thanks to technology, there are better ways that are easier, more accessible and, depending on how you look at it, possibly even more secure, and safe.

Technology has completely changed so much in our daily lives, with the Internet having opened doors for people across the world — connecting and uniting them, helping them to do business, communicate and interact with one another. Gambling is no different, as international online casinos first emerged roughly two decades ago, but it took them awhile to really grow in popularity.

Well, now that sports betting is legal in the United States — joining the majority of the rest of the world — international online casinos are growing like wildfire. It’s now become popular to gamble, and there’s actually even a social element to it, with people bragging to their friends how much they won — or lost. Not only that, friends and family members are even sharing betting picks and advice among one another, and also where they’ve been betting.

So yes, there are tons of popular international online casinos, and they’re available for people to bet on 24 hours a day, seven days per week, which makes them extremely popular. There are some based in the United States, and there are also non uk casino sites, all of which are equally viable. They all offer different options, but the common themes are poker, blackjack, slots and other popular casino games — with the opportunity to deposit using credit cards, cryptocurrency or possibly ACH transactions. So given that it’s so fun and easy to bet on online casinos, make sure to do so when you get the time.