Business Mogul Aundrey Ricks is essential to the Hollywood Industry  and has taken many steps to get his brand Raw Impact as well as other brands to the top of the industry!  Ricks is very popular in a myriad of circles from hip hop, fashion, pro boxing, NFL, NBA, and also the pharmaceutical industry. Over the decade Ricks has built his Raw Impact brand into one of the more prominent names in fashion and sports, through his hard work and his Faith he was destined to come out victorious.  Alongside his Faith and other business endeavors has brought an abundance of positive energy from the youth and also the media. Ricks ambition was so strong and I quote, “There were times where he shoveled snow after a blizzard in the mean streets of Detroit for hours, using socks for gloves just  to make sure his family, especially his mom had everything she wanted and needed..  Thanks to his faith and his  hard work Mr. Ricks currently is seeing his vision unravel right before his very own eyes.

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Thanks to all of his due-diligence, passion, and faith Ricks has now developed strong ties to what may be best known as Hollywood.  Many different and exclusive number of actors and entertainers have worked with Mr. Ricks to help build their confidence, find their  passion and go after their dream role.  

The support of the  youth as well as the entertainment industry  is an excellent illustration of how the Raw Impact brand has transcended beyond reasonable doubt. Aundrey believes “If you can get comfortable being uncomfortable the sky is the limit.”  

In addition, to motivating the youth Ricks also is a tremendous motivation to entrepreneurs as well. Entrepreneurs and entertainers have been motivated by Ricks success.  When they are granted the opportunity to meet Ricks they know they will attain great knowledge. They indeed benefit from the help of Ricks and utilize the assistance he provides. 

 When it comes to growing a brand  Ricks may be known as a gold mine by his unusual way of thinking outside of the box.  Aundrey Ricks can be found on Instagram via his page