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Winning More Super Bowls Than Brady?

In an appearance on Good Morning Football, Deshaun Watson had said he wanted to win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady. “I always put my mentality with being the best, and Tom Brady is the best right now, so whatever I have to do to get to that level at age 40, that’s what I’m going to do”. He certainly has flashed the potential to do so, throwing for 1699 yards and 19 touchdowns in seven games, but can he develop into a quarterback better than Brady and win more Super Bowls? Reasons He Can One of Deshaun Watson’s...

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To the Haters

In the NFL, fans hate the New England Patriots the most. They constantly win games, and this is why many opposing fans say they resort to cheating. How can a team consistently win games year after year? Well, Bill Belichick has created a system which has allowed for unheard players to step up and thrive. Dear Patriots haters, do you guys really know who you are hating? Addressing the Eagles “underdog” description going into Super Bowl 52, Patriots linebacker, Kyle Van Noy, said, “We’re underdogs too. If you look across the board, this team is built on underdogs”. Thirty-four...

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