Author: Brock

Team Fight Tuesday: Hackfist is Finally Here

Welcome back to Team Fight Tuesday! Even though the weekend as a whole was devastating for Boston, we finally got some winning team fights to discuss! For this week, we are going to talk about the Uprising’s use of the new-hotness going around both OWL and contenders – the comp known as “Hackfist”.

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Defeating Danteh: A Player Preview of Houston’s Sombra

For this weeks player preview, I originally wanted to discuss Philadelphia Fusion’s star DPS Carpe. I wanted to talk about how the transition from a DPS meta to the GOATS meta has drastically affected Carpe’s play making ability. But then Houston beat San Francisco so I threw all that nonsense out to discuss Danteh and his Sombra.

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Team Fight Tuesday: Boston’s Last Stand at Gibraltar

New to Overwatch? Get caught up on everything Overwatch League by reading our introduction. Welcome to Team Fight Tuesday! In this segment we revisit team fights from the past weekend and dive into why this fight is worth watching. While this weekend was a particularly rough one to watch, I went back through the mess because there are still some good takeaways from lost fights. The London game was interesting as we saw the introduction of both Persia and Alemao, but it’s the Paris game that we are going to look at today. The Surprise Early Fight In a shocking...

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Uprising’s Stage 3 Strength of Schedule

New to Overwatch? Get caught up on everything Overwatch League by reading our introduction. The Uprising can be a really frustrating team to watch. At times they can be world beaters, smashing even the best of teams without breaking a sweat. Then at times they look like their monitors are turned off in the midst of high-pressure games. As we head into a pivotal Stage 3 for Boston, we are hoping that the boys in blue are able to play like the top tier team they can be. The only problem is their difficult schedule ahead. Stage 3 Schedule The...

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Meet Bryan Rockwood, the New Uprising Writer

Hey there! I’m new here so I’ll introduce myself real quick. My name is Bryan Rockwood and I will be joining the Boston Sports Extra team to discuss the Uprising. I am a software developer by trade, and a video game enthusiast on my time. I went to school in upstate New York with a dream to become a video game developer. A quick 4 years later I realized I wasn’t quite cut out for it. What I did find out though, was that I was quite good at discussing games instead of playing them. After a couple of...

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