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Bring “The Brow” to Bean Town

Should the Boston Celtics Pursue Anthony Davis? When it comes to trading for Anthony Davis, the Boston Celtics have the most coveted pieces that the New Orleans Pelicans are seeking for. I’m not a GM, so these trade scenarios are based on my opinion of what may be a fair trade, taking into consideration salary cap restrictions. I do play video games with trade restrictions so I think that qualifies me as an expert. Let’s just dive right into the hypothetical possibilities, shall we? Trade #1 Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown and a First Round pick for Anthony...

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NBA Super Teams- No End in Sight

Super Teams The NBA has become a haven for super teams. NBA stars can decide their own fates and choose wherever they want to play via free agency. Sure it makes NBA Live a more fun game to play, but it leaves the NBA reality in turmoil as players jump ship to chase championships. Can we really blame them? The pressure to be one of the greatest ever carries a heavy weight, and championships are part of the burden. This whole thing happened because LeBron James is so obsessed with being considered the greatest of all time, that he...

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