Author: @jeffjardine3

CTE : Is It Going To Be The End Of Football ?

Unless you have been living under a rock, any true football fan has heard of the medical term CTE.  CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease.  It has gained prominence recently with a study showing that virtually all ex-NFL players brains tested had the disease.  A study published in July of this year revealed that 110 of 111 players tested showed various levels of the disease. Could the prominence of CTE in NFL football players be the end of football as we know it?  I do believe that CTE is a serious health issue that needs...

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Jardine’s Means: The Keys To Beating The Saints

Well folks, as Coach Belichick would say “we are onto New Orleans”.  It will be refreshing for players and fans alike to get to the next game.  We all just hope that that first game was just a reminder to “do your job” and play.  Let me give you my keys to the Patriots beating the Saints tomorrow.   USE THE RUN TO SET UP THE PASSING GAME One key to beating the Saints this week is controlling the game on the ground.  This will accomplish many things if executed properly.  First, it will allow the offense to get...

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Defense Analysis of The Patriots’ Roster

Forget the calendar.  The real 2017 has finally arrived.   the first game of our 2017 NFL season left a lot to be desired.  But hey, just one game, and we all know the outcome of seasons with the same disappointing start.   Here’s a quick analysis of the defense and what we need to do to be successful in the weeks to come. Defense Wins Championships One of the most overused phrases in team sports, but sadly it is quite true.  Unless you have a perfect offense (we are close to that but ?), your defense has to...

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Blessing In Disguise– Gaining From a Loss

Well folks, if you are like me, I’ll bet you are glad that the first game is over.  The Pats got a slice of humble pie that I believe they needed.  On a positive note, I believe that the loss to KC will prove a true blessing in disguise. Why I Think the Loss Will Help Us The loss to the Chiefs at Gillette on September 7th was more than a little disheartening to Patriots’ fans. A large portion of Patriot Nation already planned out the SB route for next February. Even before we had played one quarter.  I...

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Roger That !! Goodell Scores a Five-Year Contract Extension

Imagine this if you will.   Just visualize the insanity I speak of.  As the chairman of a large corporation, you have a great relationship with your board but a lousy one with all of your other employees. Probably not the recipe for a rather large contract extension you would not think? Only in the bizarro world that is the NFL would this craziness ever actually take place. Despite all of the chaos that has occurred in the back offices, in court, and on the field, Roger Goodell has received a five year contract extension through the 2024 NFL...

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How Badly Do the Red Sox Want To Win the World Series ?

Is this the year that the Red Sox win the World Series?  Is it all or nothing this season or are we satisfied with just making the playoffs and taking our chances?  The Red Sox have one move that could possibly make them a scary contender for the post-season (and maybe for years to come). Could possibly mortgaging the future for winning right now pay off?  Let’s explore and see what you think. Giancarlo Stanton To The Red Sox Do I have your attention?  This move is a real possibility right now.  The Miami Marlins have placed the South...

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