Author: Jolie Davis

Does Jayson Tatum Have a Shot at Winning Rookie of the Year?

The NBA Rookie of the Year race has everyone excited this year. Although there is some stiff competition, Jayson Tatum has been quite efficient on both sides of the ball thus far. Does he have shot at winning? Let’s discuss: Tatum’s Smooth Transition Celtics’ small forward Jayson Tatum has been nothing short of impressive. Coming out of Duke as the third overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, he averages 14 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game. This kid is also leading the league in three-point percentage at 51.9 — as a rookie. His ability to get to the hoop, shoot the mid range...

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The Joe Andruzzi Foundation Continues to Pay It Forward

Last night, former Patriot and cancer survivor Joe Andruzzi and his wife Jennifer hosted their 10th Annual Gratitude Gala. Jenny Dell of CBS Sports was the emcee for the evening, with hundreds in attendance to support the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF).  Andruzzi and his wife  started the foundation after Joe’s battle with cancer in 2008. It aims to help cancer patients and their families with the financial strains that come with  the dreaded diagnosis. They also organize UpBeat Outings, with a goal is to spread positivity through fun and memorable experiences.  Outings have included a circus trip and attending Patriots training camp to meet current players. Paying...

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Defensive Warrior Marcus Smart Overcomes Offensive Struggles

You ever yell at the TV when Marcus Smart had the ball in his hands? If you said no, you’re lying. How do I know? Simple: I watch every game, and I know for a fact that Smart’s performance early on was frustrating to watch. I mean, players go through slumps and that’s normal. Smart’s lack of offensive production had Celtics fans around the world worried. Offensive Woes The explosive production of the first unit wasn’t enough to make us disregard what was going on with Smart. After returning from an ankle injury, his offensive production was less than satisfactory. With the exception...

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Rising from the Ashes: Josh Gordon’s Return to the Gridiron

Anyone who pays attention to the NFL knows that Josh Gordon’s return is a pretty big deal. The Cleveland wide receiver’s well-known battle with substance abuse has kept him off the field since 2014. Back when this all began, the fans couldn’t comprehend how someone so talented could throw it all away for a quick high. We put athletes on pedestals, forgetting sometimes that they are human. No one is immune to addiction and the effect it has on their life, as well as those closest to them. Gordon was no exception. Free-falling It is important to recognize the issues he had early on...

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Roger Goodell: The Fickle ‘Father’ of NFL Football

Embed from Getty Images Parents know the difficulties of disciplining their children when they misbehave. But NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, an actual father himself (and pseudo-dad to NFL players), has botched a number of disciplinary issues in the past and continues to do so.  No parent is perfect, but c’mon man.    The three situations that have involved domestic violence against women remain the worst of the worst: The Mishandling of Ray Rice . I thought Goodell would have used that situation to set a precedent for players who commit acts of domestic violence against women. Unfortunately, he had all the evidence in front of him and still couldn’t hand down the proper punishment. Ray Rice initially receives a two-game suspension.  Two games?? Only AFTER the video of him punching his fiancée was released did the league hand down the indefinite suspension.  The Ravens also threw him to the wolves.   The Greg Hardy Incident.  Arrested for assaulting and threatening his then-girlfriend,  Goodell didn’t want to fumble this one too.  Hardy received a 10-game suspension. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long because Hardy had the NERVE to appeal. Somehow, using NFL math, the suspension got chopped down to four games. As if it couldn’t have gotten worse, the public heard the horrifying photos and the chilling 911. Meanwhile, this guy was out on the field getting a paycheck every week with the full support of...

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