Author: @Loadscr33n

Knee Jerk Reaction – Uprising vs. NYXL Week 1

As I take the T out to the burbs on my way back from the Hard Rock Cafe, juiced on adrenaline, I have to dump my thoughts. Here are a few things that popped up as I watched the game and that I’ll investigate further this weekend for the next Monday Morning Shoutcaller. In no specific order: The good -The entire Overwatch League is on notice. All those preseason power rankings putting the Uprising in lower tier territory will need to be scrapped. Look out tomorrow for all the pundits to thaw their hot takes and come back to...

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Uprising Week 1 Preview: Excelsior and Outlaws

Thursday, February 14th @ 8:30 P.M. – Boston Uprising vs. New York ExcelsiorSunday, February 17th @ 3 P.M. – Boston Uprising vs. Houston Outlaws Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior Whoever is running the Overwatch League clearly knows the Boston – New York rivalry is import. Boston’s match opens up the season right after the Grand Finals rematch between Philadelphia and London. How does the Uprising follow up an inaugural season where they claimed the only undefeated stage and surprised everyone by making the playoffs? If you’re Robert Kraft’s team you charge headfirst against the juggernaut that is the...

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Gamsu traded to Shanghai Dragons and it’s not looking rosie right now

In a bombshell announcement two days before the season is starting, the Uprising’s main tank Gamsu has been shipped to the Shanghai Dragons. Boston’s star main-tank, a fan-favorite and considered the captain, is now tasked with helping the Dragons secure their first win. Where does this leave us? Looking back Boston already is reeling from an off season where breakout players Striker, Neko, and Mistakes all departed. While new players Axxiom, Alemao, Blase, and Colourhex all have potential, the Uprising already are low on returning players. Going into the 2019 season it seemed Note, Kellex, and Gamsu were the...

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Monday Morning Shotcaller

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Morning Shotcaller, where I will be armchair quarterbacking the past weekend of the Overwatch League. As I clearly am writing for Boston Sports Extra, my focus will always be the Boston Uprising. I’ll be providing an analysis of the weekend’s matchups, try to provide honest reaction, give other OWL notes, and review the good, the bad, and the ugly. As this weekend featured the Community Countdown (OWL’s preseason equivalent) let’s get into what went down on the precipice of the 2019 Overwatch League season. Now Loading… Overwatch League announced on February 7th...

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Ranking the new Overwatch League Twitter emotes

Overwatch League just announced they are partnering with Twitter to have official hashtags/emotes for the 2019 season. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, go on Twitter and put in any hashtag you can think of. A hashtag is a nice way to get your message circulated, but these Overwatch League ones are special. Put in one of the team/league specific ones and an emote is generated, like this: Pretty sweet right? Well, for no other reason other than it’s what we do, let’s rank these bad boys. I’m judging these both by the hashtag phrase...

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No biggie but I’m kind of best friends with Gamsu

So I’m scrolling through Twitter and lo and behold my guy, and our (unofficial) captain Gamsu, is posting about his new dog Uni for the millionth time. Thing is I love dogs too. In fact, my wife and I just got one. Well what self respecting fan doesn’t shoot his shot to the man? Didn’t expect anything, but then this happened: Awesome. Just got this guy a week ago. Puppies make everything better!— LoadScr33n (@LoadScr33n) February 4, 2019 Oh boy what a coincidence? Two guys who each got a new dog. Small world. Was it just luck or...

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Overwatch League just flipped the spectating experience on its head

Watching eSports can be difficult. Blizzard put tools into Overwatch to help the League’s production team put together the best broadcast possible. Unfortunately it’s a moving target. Idle players are shown, big plays are missed, and hectic action becomes too disorienting for both casual and hardcore viewers. What could the Overwatch League do? Different Views To start, how about giving us spectators the same tools as the broadcasters? Now you have the ability to watch the action from any player’s view. Want to actually see what our support players do? You can now. Kellex and AimGod appreciate your patronage....

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Why I Love the Overwatch League and You Should Too

You may wonder why someone who owns eight Bruins jerseys, loves drinking $10 bud lights in the bleachers at Fenway, and thinks NFL Sundays are the only religious observance that needs to be made would be into the Overwatch League. It may be surprising to hear that just like traditional sports, the Overwatch League offers the same thrilling competition, ego driven player personalities, talking heads with their absurd hot takes, and questionable head coaching decisions. I’ve seen underdogs win it big and favorites handsomely dominate so much that you question how some players made it into the league. Since...

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