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Should Starters Play in Preseason Games?

Friday night in Detroit the New England Patriots faced off against the Lions, the third preseason game for the Patriots. The starters took the field in the first quarter and completely burned the Detroit defense. But the excitement of watching the points pile up ended abruptly in the worst possible way. Julian Edelman.  Down on the field.  Not springing up and running into the huddle.  Out came the injury cart.  And down dropped the hearts, if not hopes, of Patriot Nation.  On the following day, the worst fears revealed on an MRI.  A torn ACL, ending the 2017 regular...

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Where is David Price?

Since David Price went on the DL, the $31M dollar pitcher has had very little to say. The Red Sox have played well and still hold first place in the Division. But where is David Price? When will he come back? The Red Sox need Price back because when he gets into a groove he can be unstoppable. But lately, the only ace I can see on this team is Chris Sale. The guy pitches with the  attitude of a winner.  Just what the Red Sox needed. Cheese with that whine? Price  has whined, complained, and hauled off on...

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Can We Leave Politics Out Of Sports?

When people go to any sporting event in this case baseball, it’s a time when people come together to watch their team play and win. It’s a time during the game when the politics should stop and it’s all about cheering for your team. In this case players that go to Red Sox games from opposing teams some say they have heard racial slurs. It’s not right but doesn’t make the City of Boston racist cause of some stupid fan. In regards to John Henry’s comments about the “Yawkey Way” sign, if your going to replace it in my...

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Dombrowski Traded The Right Prospect

Last year when Dave Dombrowski called up Andrew Benintendi and Yoan Moncada right before the trade deadline, it was pretty much a trial period for those two players. Benintendi came  up to the Majors and he shined, with a .295 batting average, 44 RBI, and eight home runs. He continues to produce this year:  .278 average, 17 home runs, and 67 RBI. Moncada whiffs Yoan Moncada, however, did not produce well last year when he got his chance. He produced a .211 average, zero home runs, and 1 RBI. So during the off-season President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski,...

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Red Sox, Yankees Rivalry is Back

The Red Sox and Yankees went head to head this weekend, firing up a long-standing rivalry. Maybe not as intense as the 2003-2004 season with Varitek, Jeter, Pedroia and A-Rod.  But as we come to the last two months of the regular season, the AL East is closing in on the Red Sox and Yankees for the number-one spot in the divison. Season Finale Heating Up The Red Sox had Eduardo Rodriguez going Friday, Drew Pomeranz Saturday, and Chris Sale Sunday. Notice no David Price pitching in this series.  That’s how big it is.  The Red Sox took two...

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Should Chris Sale Get The AL MVP Award?

With all the Red Sox drama surrounding David Price, nobody has really talked about the domination of their real ace, Chris Sale. The last pitcher to win the AL MVP award was Detroit Tiger Justin Verlander in 2011.  Clayton Kershaw clinched the overall MLB MVP in 2014 with the Dodgers, the last pitcher to do so. You get what you trade for Chris Sale has a 2.57 ERA this season, currently 14-4.  The Red Sox bats really come alive when he pitches, and they score runs. When Dave Dombrowski traded for him in the off season, Sales has proved the...

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