Author: @StevenViner1

The Patriots Next Undrafted Superstar Is … ?

Pats fans, please retweet this and if you follow me, I will follow you back. Thank you! When it comes to finding undrafted free agents, Bill Belichick is like some shady yard sale hunter taking advantage of the other 31 General Managers. These knuckleheads clean out their basements and attics, overlooking their “junk” by practically giving it away for nothing. Picture this: Belichick approaches the brainless GM, and asks, “*snort* How much for the *throat clear* beat-up cup?” The GM shrugs, and says, “Uhhhh. One dollar?” Belichick hands the GM a buck, then brings the beat-up cup, which happens...

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 Edelman’s Unexpected Replacement

Pats fans, please follow me @StevenViner1 and I will follow you back. Oh and I ALWAYS answer questions! The Patriots good health lasted about as long as Bill Belichick contemplating a rap career. Not only was I on board for the 19-0 train, I shoveled the coal, I was the conductor, I wore a silly little hat to collect tickets. Of course, a prediction like this is predicated on good health. You can’t lose a top-five player for the year and expect to achieve perfection. Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Dont’a Hightower, Trey Flowers — all irreplaceable in...

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Patriots Projected Roster Shows Surprise Cuts Coming

The Patriots are so full of talent; they look like Vince Wilfork trying to squeeze into Tom Brady’s skinny jeans. Where is the sympathy from the other 31 teams? You think those insensitive jerks care that the struggles of the Patriots having to release skilled players is real? Should Pats fans start a GoFundMe page so Patriots-Haters can purchase sensitivity classes so they understand the hardship of rooting for the G.O.A.T., quarterback, coach, and team? Ha! Ha! Boy has Lady Karma kicked every Patriot-Hater where it hurts. (Not that there’s much to kick.) And you know what is a...

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