TNT analyst Charles Barkley continued his war of words with a few of the Sixers’ stars this week, for some reason, seemingly out of nowhere. Perhaps he’s bitter over losing money on his former team when the Raptors beat the Sixers in Game 7 this year. However, if he were smart, he’d take advantage of some of the NJ sports betting offers and wager on Philadelphia who are currently the favorites to win the Eastern Conference.

Barkley and Embiid have traded barbs a few times over the years, and the former NBA paint presence recently took a shot at the Sixers big man — not mincing words one bit.

He appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Wednesday, and that’s when he said Embiid needs to get his “fat butt” in shape.

“I wonder in Philadelphia who has the courage and the chutzpah to tell Joel Embiid, ‘Yo, man, you got to get in shape,’” Barkley said.

He continued:

“I think he’s got a great system down in New Orleans,” Barkley said. “I love David Griffin and Alvin Gentry, but they’re gonna have to come up with a comprehensive plan to see what the perfect playing weight (is). I hear he weighs 280. You can’t play at 280 in the NBA. You can’t play at that weight. It’s too much stress on his knees.”

Barkley does make a good point, as that much weight isn’t good for one’s joints, so the Sixers will benefit from Embiid shedding some weight — as will he, mentally and physically.

In other news, the Philadelphia 76ers could still be looking to add some veteran shooters off the bench.

It’s been quite the eventful offseason so far for the Philadelphia 76ers. First, they opened up the NBA Free Agency period by using one of their max slots on veteran forward, Tobias Harris. While many expected the Sixers to use their other max slot on Jimmy Butler, many were surprised to find out that Butler didn’t have a future planned in Philly.

Therefore, the Sixers signed and traded Butler away to the Miami Heat while landing guard, Josh Richardson. Other notable moves the Sixers made included adding Al Horford, Kyle O’Quinn, and Raul Neto while retaining some of their own free agents in Mike Scott, and James Ennis.

At this point, the Sixers are in great shape moving forward and could very well be close to the top of the Eastern Conference once again in 2019. However, they are not perfect. Losing Jimmy Butler was one thing — but losing JJ Redick hurts more than many think.

Philly still needs a reliable shooter — especially one coming off of the bench. And fortunately, there are a couple names on the market that the Sixers have been linked to as of late. The obvious prospect who the Sixers have been linked to for the past year now is none other than Kyle Korver.

Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers made Korver available to any teams who might’ve had interest in trading for him. While the Sixers were in the conversation, the Utah Jazz made the best offer and received the veteran shooter. Now that the Jazz are done with Korver, he’s once again available for teams to sign and the Sixers seem to have an interest in a potential reunion.

Korver’s not the only veteran shooter to recently be linked to the Sixers. As of Monday, the Cavaliers have waived J.R. Smith, making him a free agent. Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey recently suggested five ideal landing spots for the veteran, with the Sixers being one of them. Similar to the same situation as Korver, Smith offers some veteran experience and is reliable with his shooting. Adding one of these two guys could surely benefit the Sixers.