European basketball, much like the NBA, is always likely to see plenty of changes across the seasons. Players come, and players go. 2020’s seasons have been particularly bizarre for many reasons – and if news at Saski Baskonia is anything to go by, there are some big changes on the roster for the seasons to come.

Any fans who peruse Sportsbet NBA or for other basketball leagues will likely be keeping their eyes on changes to squads and rosters, for example. But did anyone expect Baskonia to part ways with Khadeen Carrington this early?

Baskonia and Carrington: What Happened?

Saski Baskonia’s signing of Khadeen Carrington earlier this July was widely publicized, and for a good reason. Initially signing for two years, Carrington’s appearance on the roster was hugely exciting for fans.

He’d already made waves elsewhere on the continent in the German leagues. Carrington is at his prime, arguably – so why the sudden move to release the player?

Baskonia advised that barely two months into his contract, Carrington would be leaving the squad. Even more bizarre, it would seem, is the fact that he’s never even appeared for the team.

Carrington averaged 17.2 points in his last German season. He’s been to one or two different clubs in his time, meaning that he’s building up plenty of useful experience. But what actually happened here?

Things Aren’t Always Meant to Be

Saski Baskonia officially revealed the releasing of Carrington in early September, making him one of the quickest hirings and firings in recent times. However, fans are still in the dark as to why it went down at all.

Sometimes, these occurrences pop up with good karma on both sides of the signing. However, there are occasions where brave new signings just don’t work out as the best possible fit.

Carrington’s signing was undoubtedly a dream move for the Spanish squad. However, it’s safe to say that basketball in Germany is very much a different game to how it is in Spain,

However, on paper, there are no clear reasons why Carrington couldn’t have made things work at the club. He’d played for Baskonia in a number of prep games but failed to make the Supercopa shortlist.

This means that, effectively, Carrington is a free agent. Will he wind up back in Germany, or will this open things up for the player on the other side of the Atlantic?

One to Watch?

Despite the match with Baskonia not working out, Carrington has a long career ahead of him. He’s a recipient of Guard of the Year from and has worked his way across the continent.

In fact, he’s already got experience in the NBA, as a US native and having played for OKC Thunder. Will there be an NBA side ready to snap up the guard ready for the next season? Baskonia’s loss could well be someone else’s gain – and time will tell quite how things work out for the emerging star as he works his way through the leagues.