Did Bill Belichick Draft The Next Quarterback For The Patriots?

Via The Kicker

Just like Theo Epstein in baseball, Bill Belichick could’ve been the first coach ever to draft two quarterbacks to have Hall of Fame careers. Epstein built a team with the Red Sox and won the World Series in 2004, erasing an 86 year curse. He then went to Chicago and built a World Series team there, erasing a 108-year curse. Belichick drafted Brady in 2000 and has won five Super Bowls with him. Belichick then drafted Jimmy Garoppolo and saw the same attitude Brady had when he arrived in Foxborough: the willingness to be the best he can be, no matter what. However, Brady saw that coming from a mile away and was having no part of it.

Trading away Garoppolo must have been really hard for Belichick. The head coach wanted Garoppolo to be the next starter. When he was forced to trade him, it clearly upset him to no end. Reports were that he texted Garoppolo after every win in December.  Garoppolo is who Belichick wanted to be Brady’s successor. If Tom Brady keeps winning, it helps Belichick’s legacy, but the same canbe said for Garoppolo. Even if Brady does badly, Belichick still wins because he wanted to move on from Brady in the first place. Either way, Belichick can’t lose and he’ll always win.

Belichick Thinks Garoppolo Will Have Success

People will argue that without Brady, Belichick would be nothing. However, we have to give credit where credit is due. Belichick is the one that drafted Brady and saw something in him 18 years ago. The same mentality should apply to Garoppolo. Belichick will watch Jimmy G grow as a quarterback from afar and be maybe become one of the best in the league.

Tom Brady’s drive to keep his job was a win for himself. Brady has done so much for the organization in these 18 years. It truly is amazing. However, Garoppolo will always be the quarterback Belichick wanted and will never start for him.