You may think that the idea of jumping a rope is outdated. Well, you are wrong. You probably played the game while you are a kid, now you are an adult, you assume you have outgrown the game. Well, you are wrong as well. You think that jumping a rope is meant for boxers alone; again, you are wrong. According to US Essays Writers,  the reality of the matter is, anyone can skip the rope at any age at any place.

But then, why jump a rope? Well, the exercise comes along with lots of benefits from building and balancing the muscles, strengthening the bones, improving the health of the heart, among other benefits.

When jumping a rope, you feel the pumping rate of your heart, and the best thing is that you can choose how you want it to be. It can be a slow warm-up exercise or a rapid jumping. For boxers, they skip the rope to keep their feet and hands flexible. The best part about jumping the rope is that the entire body plays a part in the process.

Advantages of jumping the rope

  • Reduces fall and slip risks

As you ad years, your muscles and brains struggle to maintain a stable condition, leading to more slips and falls. However, if you practice rope skipping, your muscles and brain are kept in good working condition, thus avoiding such falls as you age. 

  • Improves coordination and movement

According to young soccer player’s research, students who included jumping the rope to other exercises were more flexible than those who focus on soccer. This implies that rope skipping enhances body movement and coordination at a higher rate.

  • Activates the upper body

You may think that only the hands and wrist play the largest role in jumping the rope. Well, you’re mistaken. The upper arms and shoulders contribute a lot of effort when skipping the rope. This implies that the muscles and bones located in the upper part of the body become super strong and stable.

  • Strengthens the bones

The muscles attached to the bones increases the density of the bones. During rope jumping, all the attachments to the bones become strong and firm, giving the bones more density. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology research, women who jumped ten times, three times weekly for six months added bone mineral density in the lower half of the spines and legs.


The body requires exercise to stay fit. However, many people focus on the know exercises such as jogging, playing football, among other activities. What they forget is that simple actions such as skipping the rope come with lots of benefits. It should not be assumed that only kids can skip ropes; everyone can skip the rope and improve their overall health status, although you should take precautions not to overdo it. In some instances, it could be better to check with your physician for directions. If you have an underlying condition, rope jumping may not be ideal for you. Also, if you have extra weight, check with your doctor to give you the guidelines.