In winter it becomes a little more complicated to go jogging, hiking or other outdoor sports. Low temperatures, rain or wind make it difficult and can even cause a cold or you have an accident while you practice it. If you do not want to go through all that every time you get ready to put on your sportswear, there are several indoor sports complete and fun enough to keep you in shape.



Badminton is a sport that is practiced with a good badminton racket and shuttlecock that goes out of the ordinary, since it is not a ball to use but was originally a piece of cork with feathers that made its path was lighter, thus facilitating the movement of it. Today it is a piece of plastic that mimics those old feather shuttlecocks and is designed to carry out a somewhat special movement.

Badminton is a sport modality as such in which good preparation is required to practice it. It is a sport that involves various parts of our body such as arms, legs and our lung capacity and endurance. We are constantly on the move while we are practicing it, so aerobic activity is high, something very beneficial for our respiratory and circulatory system.

Table tennis


Ping pong is one of the most complete sports you can practice indoors. It is a dynamic sport, where you work the game of feet, arms, the trunk for its numerous turns and in which coordination is crucial. Nowadays ping pong tables are not too expensive and if you have a garage or a free space of certain dimensions, it is a highly recommended option. Not having it yet, there are many municipal sports centers or private gyms that offer you the opportunity to practice this sport.


If your tastes are more focused on football, no problem! Yours have an option called foosball. Foosball is a perfect game to enjoy with friends and family, the little ones too! You will even do some physical exercise while playing, you know why? To have a perfect technique you need to have a very refined body movement. So, you have to start practicing!

Of course, when buying a foosball table, keep in mind the best size for your game room. Therefore, we recommend that you choose between folding, professional or even table! Yes, yes, as you read it. You can find table football of all kinds. You decide the one that best fits your room!


Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist. Recommended for all ages, but especially for the elderly, water-resistance and low severity cause multiple benefits to strengthen the body. There are more and more gyms where you can find swimming pools and even monitors that give courses on different activities in the water. The back and extremities are the great beneficiaries of practicing this sport for which you will not have to suffer the inclement weather.

Stationary bicycle

The bicycle is another sport that gives great results if what you want is to work the lower body train. At certain ages when reflections are lost or in urban areas poorly conditioned to go by bike, it can be dangerous to go outside in them because of the danger of falls and cars. If time does not accompany, it is clear that the best is another option. If you still like the bike, in gyms and at affordable prices for the home you can find modern exercise bikes as complete as a normal one. You can put the resistance you want and also get data on distance traveled or monitor your pulsations. Everything from home watching TV or in the gym while listening to music.


Zumba is an easy exercise to practice that mixes sport, music and dance. The important thing is not to compete, but to continue the rhythm and have fun while you carry out the exercises. You will mix resistance with flexibility and power in a most complete practice. Most gyms usually have several hours a day in which a monitor teaches Zumba classes so that you exercise your body while having a good time and without having to face the cold outside.

And these are only six sports in which there is no need to worry about outdoor temperatures, cold or rain, but indoor sports are many, in fact many: basketball, bowling, rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing are Other options to consider.

And now: what excuse are you going to have for not practicing sports during the winter months?