The number of Portuguese players in the Premier League has increased significantly over the last few years. This season there are currently 22 Portuguese footballers with a significant rise of 22.2% from last season. This is because Portugal produces world-class quality footballers, who don’t only participate in the game but also impact and contribute to their teams. 

In this article, we will look at the best Portuguese players in the Premier League at this moment. 

  1. Bernardo Silva – A savior for Manchester City, this player has been blessed with balance, great technique, and guile. He is considered one of the most gifted playmakers in Europe. This 26-year-old player has also earned the nickname ‘Bubblegum’ because of the way the ball sticks to his feet. A few of his standing out attributes include his knowledge about the game, concentration, timing, and overall decision making. He has scored a total of 18 goals and 16 assists in 97 Premier League appearances, helping Pep Gueadiola’s side to break a host of Premier League records, including most points, wins, and goals in a campaign. Bernardo has been a great contributor in his two years in Manchester City, helping the City win two Premier Leagues, two Carabao Cups, a Community Shield, and an FA Cup. 
  2. Rúben Neves – Playing as a defensive midfielder, who is not afraid to go forward and prompt attack, this Rúben plays for the premier league club Wolverhampton Wanders. This 23-year-old has the highest goals per touch in the opposition box with an astounding 1.5 goals for every touch in the opposition box. He is known for scoring goals from a distance, scoring all his seven goals from outside the box in the championship season. Neves became the youngest player to captain his club, the UEFA Champions League, when he was 18. 
  3. Bruno Fernandes – Since Fernandes’ debut since the start of the year, Manchester United have not lost a single game in the league. Manchester’s future didn’t look too good, but now the doom and gloom have lifted since Fernandes brought back excitement to the club after years of un-stimulating and mostly poor performance. He has changed the mentality of the team both on and off the pitch. His eight league goals and seven assists portray the kind of player United now have with them. At his last club, Sporting CP, Fernandes has excellent scores and statistics- he scored 63 goals, 52 assists in a total of 137 matches. He is loved, respected, and looked upon by all the team members. He brings optimism, zeal, inspiration, enthusiasm, and a nonstop work ethic for Manchester United’s future, making them strive for greater things. 
  4. Rui Patricio – Playing as a goalkeeper in the Premier League for Wolverhampton Wanders, this player is considered as a consistent and reliable goalkeeper anyone could ask for. Rui Patricio has saved three of the last six Premier league penalties and is known for his penalty saves. 
  5. Diogo Jota: On becoming a part of Liverpool on 19th September 2020, this 24-year-old has already become a sensation. He plays as a forward for the Premier League club Liverpool. On 28th September 2020, he scored his Premier League Debut for the club with a 3-1 win against Arsenal at Anfield. In a total of 9 matches in 2020-21, he has scored five goals for Liverpool. Without an outright striker in the team, Liverpool’s performance in the last season was not up to the mark, and the goals were less in number, but now with Jota, the team can have someone who can cleanly strike the ball with lethal intent. With his goals and performance, Liverpool is now 2nd on the table. 


It is no secret that Portugal has been a serving hotbed for producing talented footballers – Cristiano Ronaldo, Eusébio, Luís Figo, Rui Costa, to name a few legends. The names listed above have dedicatedly performed for their teams and have been giving stunning and remarkable performances, gaining many fan following and support from the public. Portuguese players have and will always remain an asset to the Premier League. Visit our website at crackstreams to stay updated with the current news of the sports world.