After a year of an entirely new setting for the Triple Crown Series, the Kentucky Derby is back on its regular schedule.

There’s a lot of anticipation with the upcoming race this following weeks, a lot of good and potential horses to run the course, and famous trainers and jockeys will also grace the competition. But what’s more exciting is the fans and the community of horse racing enthusiasts who are eager to play their luck and cash in big prizes at the end of the race. We’re talking horse race betting. 

The betting community will be filled with experts, elites, and also beginners. That’s why it would be best to have some refresher when it comes to horse race betting. It wouldn’t hurt, but we believe it would be a great help. 

Check out these tips on how to wager wisely and efficiently this upcoming Kentucky Derby. 

Bet On Your Smartphone Or Computer 

Thanks to the never-ending technological upgrades, sports betting is now more convenient than it ever was before. Now, you don’t have to travel to an off-track betting location (OTB), as you can just place your wager inside the comfort of your own home. 

Most especially now that there’s still travel restrictions and safety protocols due to the pandemic, not everybody has the liberty to travel to the local racetrack to place a bet. Also, there’s still no update if the Churchill Down will have a live audience on its grandstand. 

So betting on your smartphone is the easiest thing to do, not to mention that you can conveniently shop around different sportsbooks and compare their odds ranking such as TVG’s odds. And this year’s contenders lineup is expected to be tough and to have close competition. 

Know Your Horse or Horses

Nothing beats the power of information and the diligence of conducting your homework. Before you place a wager, a professional and a wise bettor will do their homework. They know the horse or horses to bet on. They know their racing history, current standing, and the latest updates on their training and health. 

Even more so, they know who their trainers are and their winning jockeys as it is an important factor in their winning possibility. All of these information matters as it will play a part in your decision-making on which horse you’re betting on. 

Plan Your Bets And Place Them Early 

Never place your bet late. Many experts advise to always plan your bets ahead of time and place them early. When the party gets going, time just flies, and you might catch yourself in a trance and forgetting the whole idea of placing your bet. Things happen so fast, especially on race day, so better get your head in the game, settle those bets, check the accuracy and place them early. 

You don’t want to waste your research efforts only to miss that moment to place your bets in. Also, if you’re placing multiple bets, better to double-check them, especially if you’re placing other people’s bets as well. 

Don’t Ignore The Favorite. 

Some expert bettors say that don’t go dive into the favorite, but let us tell you that it’s not the case all the time. Sometimes you need to check out the favorite, not because of the hype but because they hold recognition that you can’t deny. 

If you have done your research and it backs up the credibility and the winning possibility of the “favorite” horse, then you can go with it. That’s why you must do your homework diligently and not just be driven by the media hype. 

Choose Your Betting Type 

Just like in many sports betting, horse race bets have different betting types as well. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to learn, understand, and familiarize yourself with all the different betting types. There are the basics such as the Place, Win, and Show, which fall under the Straight bets, and there are the Exotic bets, which are considered a bit complex. 

But if you spend time studying all those betting types, you’ll get the hang of it. Other experts suggest that it wouldn’t hurt if you try betting on Exotic bets but with a minimal amount to get the gist of it. This is fair, especially for newbie bettors, as they are more anxious to learn and afraid to lose money. 


Online sports betting, especially horse race betting, can be fun. This is why many spectators and fans of the sport are looking forward to it. Not only for the actual race to commence but also for the chance to try their luck. But getting into the industry and surviving it is not an easy feat; you need to be fully equipped with knowledge and experience to win at it. You need to be reminded how to play from time to time, and a helpful refresher course wouldn’t hurt. It can actually help you in the long run, so you should take it.