Betting being evolved from the traditional forms of gambling to the modern ones that are offered online today. With various games for players to engage in, this makes betting lucrative and a source of income for many. Almost every game on the internet today can be gambled on. This is done through prediction or even engaging in the game virtually. Mastering the art of playing these games and being consistent in learning new every day makes gambling meaningful. As a beginner, there are probably many things you are not conversant about within the betting world. The terms provided below should not be among them anymore.  

Live betting 

It is mostly used in sports betting, where the bettor is allowed to place a wager on a game as it progresses. This has been made legal and considered the best way to win your bet in most localities since you can predict as the game is in the process. Live betting has been regarded as the best way to build your confidence in football betting.


  1. Bankroll – This is the initial amount of money that you have set aside for gambling. Separating your income and avoiding making desperate moves is the only way to manage your bankroll and have responsible betting.
  2. Betting exchange – This is a form of betting where the players are allowed to bet against each other. This is done by offering odds to and from each other.
  3. Bonus – This is a free bet or additional money that is credited to your account by the betting website. This is done when you achieve certain wins or levels in betting.
  4. Opening line – These are the first odds or lines offered to the first game played. This can be explained better by your site customer service team or a betting agent such as agen judi slot online.
  5. Closing line – This is the value of a bet determined by the line that it closes.
  6. Double chance – This allows the player to go through two or three predictions in a sports bet.
  7. Exotic wager – The term is mostly used in horse racing, whereby the player is required to place bets on multiple horses.
  8. Fixed odds – This is when a bookmaker offers you a fixed price, and you agree to the terms of playing with the provided tag.
  9. Flat betting – This is when you bet on the same amount of money in different betting encounters.
  10. Margin – This is the difference between the provided odds.
  11. True odds – This is referred to as the actual odds despite the odds provided by the bookmaker.
  12. Betting agent – This is a certified intermediary who links you to the betting site. The betting agent is responsible for assessing your choice of games, determining your wager as well as offering other technical support. Agen Judi slot online is an example of this important partner in betting.

Betting has a lot to offer to players, especially when they do enough research on the games and practice a habit. With the provided betting terms above, hard work and patience will make your betting experience a walk in the park.