The BIG3 was in Boston this past Friday with a slate of four games. This was the second to last week of regular season games, so their was a lot of playoff implications. I was able to go to TD Garden and cover this event and ask guys like Dr. J, Rick Mahorn, Glen Davis, and Nate Robinson questions. Entering this week the BIG3 standings looked like this:

  1. 3 Headed Monsters (6-0)
  2. Power (5-1)
  3. 3’s Company (4-2)
  4. Tri-State (4-2)
  5. Killer 3s (2-4)
  6. Ball Hogs (1-5)
  7. Ghost Ballers (1-5)
  8. Trilogy (1-5)

Those standings changed a lot this weekend with a lot of crucial games.

Game 1: Ball Hogs VS Trilogy

The first game of the week had no implications on the playoffs. However, the game featured the return of a Boston fan-favorite. Brian Scalabrine made his return to the TD Garden, and played in front of the fans that he won a championship for. During this game the Trilogy looked to bounce back from an awful season, and the Ball Hogs hope to get a win for Scal in front of the Boston crowd. It would be tough for the BIG3 defending-champions, Trilogy, to get a win here with no Kenyon Martin, and their leading rebounder, Al Harrington.

Scalabrine started the game, and whenever he did something, TD Garden erupted in cheers. The Ball Hogs led the entire first half, and at halftime they were up 26-20. However, Trilogy went on a 15-6 run to start the second half to get a 35-32 lead. The game became very close, as at one point it was tied 43-43. Then the Trilogy went on a little 6-0 run to make it 49-43. A Rashad McCants layup ended the game as the Trilogy won 51-45.

Four members of Trilogy were in double figures in the win, Derrick Byars (17), Al Thornton (12), Rashad McCants (10), and James White (10). Deshawn Stevenson and Andre Owens led the Ball Hogs with 14 points each, while Brian Scalabrine finished with two points and two rebounds.

Trilogy (2-5), Ball Hogs (1-6)

The post-game press conference featured Trilogy Head Coach, Rick Mahorn, and Trilogy players, Rashad McCants, and Derrick Byars.

My question was for Rick Mahorn, “So you guys were down 26-20 at the half, and you guys went on a 15-6 run. What did you say to your players at halftime?”

Rick Mahorn: “What’s interesting about our team, we are very diverse. We have guys who are coaching for the G-League. I have to take my hat off for Dion Glover (Trilogy player). He is not going to score a lot of points, he is not going to do different things, but guys respect his voice. He said something at halftime which was to play with confidence. Having guys like [Glover] and Kenyon [Martin], being able to translate that to the players really helps the team go out, and execute.”

Game 2: Tri-State vs Killer 3s

This was arguably the most important game of the week. Tri-State was looking to clinch a BIG3 playoff spot, while Killer 3s looked to stay alive in the BIG3 playoff hunt. Jermaine O’Neal made his return after three weeks due to a shoulder injury. This game featured four former-Boston Celtics: Nate Robinson and Jermaine O’Neal for Tri-State, and Ryan Hollins and Mike James for Killer 3s.

The Killer 3s went up 27-21 at the half, and then at one point led 36-23 before Tri-State coach, Julius Erving, called a timeout. Tri-State found themselves down 40-29 before Nate Robinson took over. Robinson led Tri-State on a 22-5 run to close out the game. Tri-State won by a score of 51-45. Tri-State has clinched a playoff spot, and the Killer 3s are eliminated.

Nate Robinson and Dion Hawkins both had 14 points each, and Hawkins also collected ten boards. Amar’e Stoudemire and Jermaine O’Neal also contributed with 12 and eight points each. Stephen Jackson came back for the Killer 3s after missing last week. He led the Killer 3s with 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Tri-State is 5-2, The Killer 3s are 2-5.

The post-game press conference featured Tri-State head coach, Julius Erving, and players Nate Robinson, and Dion Hawkins.

I was able to get a quick 1-on-1 interview with former Celtic, Nate Robinson. I said to Nate, “So a report came out earlier today that you signed overseas in Lebanon. Do you plan on playing in the BIG3 next year with that move?”

Nate Robinson: “I am with BIG3 until I am done playing basketball. My summer is dedicated to the BIG3. I have not signed yet [in Lebanon]. I am trying to weigh my options, and figure out what is my next move. First, I definitely want to get invited to a [NBA] camp somewhere, and see if I can get a call. If not I am going to go overseas, and continue to play the game because I love to hoop.”

Game 3: Power VS 3 Headed Monsters

This was the biggest game of the week with the two best teams in the BIG3 facing each other. The Power entered this game with a 5-1 record, and in second place. They were facing the undefeated powerhouse, the 3 Headed Monsters. The 3 Headed Monsters entered this game without some key-pieces to their team. Reigning BIG3 MVP, Rashard Lewis missed another game, and Qyntel Woods also missed Friday’s game. The Power played one former Celtic which was Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis.

The losses of Lewis and Woods for the 3 Headed Monsters was evident as they went down 25-16 at halftime. The Power powered their way to a 47-30 lead in the game. Then, the 3 Headed Monsters went on a 10-0 run that made it 47-40. After a Corey Maggette free throw to make it 49-40, Glen Davis hit the game-winner as the Power knocked off the undefeated 3 Headed Monsters 51-40.

Corey Maggette led the Power with 16 points, and Glen Davis had 15 points. Chris Andersen continued to be dominant for the Power with 8 points, 4 rebounds, and Cuttino Mobley had eight points and four assists. Reggie Evans led the 3 Headed Monsters with 23 points and 11 rebounds.

The Power are 6-1, and the 3 Headed Monsters are also 6-1.

The post-game press conference feature Power Head Coach, Nancy Lieberman, and Power players, Glen Davis and Corey Maggette.

My question was for both Corey Maggette and Glen Davis. I asked, “What is it like playing for one of the best women in basketball history, Nancy Lieberman?”

Corey Maggette: “I respect everyone on our roster, and even more for our coach. My shoes have all of my teammates and coaches names on them. It shows the hard work everyone had done. Even for Nancy becoming the first woman coach in a men’s professional league. She has a swagger, so when you have those characteristics as a person, it shows your character and integrity that you want as a coach.”

Glen Davis: “You can always tell when you look into somebody’s eyes that there is a certain intensity and glare. When I see her talk about the game, and I see the intensity and the wisdom in her eyes. I know she is the one. You have to respect it no matter if it is a man or a woman or a little kid. She takes the game so seriously, and that is why I respect her, and everything that she is about. Everybody can coaches X’s and O’s, but when you can see that intensity and love in her eyes, it is a whole different ball game. I am going to always respect her, and try to learn as much as I can from a wise person like that.”

Nancy Lieberman: “Now you can understand why god is good, and why I am blessed. These two people right here, I think the world of them. Thank you for being out here with us today Boston.”

Game 4: 3s Company VS Ghost Ballers

Heading into this week, 3s Company was uncertain if they would have to clinch a playoff spot with a win in this game. With a Killer 3s loss earlier in the day, 3s Company already clinched a playoff spot. Baron Davis was unavailable again for the 3s Company. Ghost Ballers look to win back to back games for the first time this year. The Ghost Ballers had two former Celtics on their roster, Ricky Davis and Marcus Banks.

Even though they already clinched a playoff spot and did not have Baron Davis, 3s Company did not let up on the Ghost Ballers. They jumped out to an 8-0 start, and then went up 18-4. At the half, 3s Company led 25-14. The closest the game got was after Carlos Boozer hit a three to make it 31-23. 3s Company close the show and won by a score of 51-33.

Without Baron Davis again, the lesser-known players on 3’s Company had to step up. Andre Emmett led 3s Company in scoring with 23 points, and he also had 7 rebound and 3 assists. Drew Gooden also stepped up for 3s Company with 10 points and 4 rebounds. Carlos Boozer had a double-double for the Ghost Ballers with 15 points and 13 boards.

3s Company is 5-2, and Ghost Ballers are 1-6.

There was no post-game press conference for the 3s Company.

Here are the BIG3 standings after this week in Boston.

  1. Power 6-1
  2. 3 Headed Monsters 6-1
  3. 3s Company 5-2
  4. TrI-State 5-2
  5. Killer 3s 2-5
  6. Trilogy 2-5
  7. Ball Hogs 1-6
  8. Ghost Ballers 1-6

This week in Boston was a big one with all the playoff teams being figured out. There is now a new number one, and many people will be coming back from injuries for playoff time.