Sean McVay got outcoached

Via The Big Lead

There was no way a 33 year old rookie coach was going to outcoach the greatest of all time. Sean McKay admitted after the game that he was outcoached. This was Bill Belichick’s second best defensive performance in a Super Bowl since the first one. Belichick’s defensive strategy to pressure Goff and make him throw passes into coverage was outstanding. I haven’t seen this good of a defensive performance since the early 2000 Super Bowls.

Early saying goes defense wins championships. The defense played a huge part in those early Super Bowl wins, from Teddy Bruschi to newly elected Hall Of Famer Ty Law. In 2014 the defense came up big with a Malcolm Butler interception to win Super Bowl 49. When Belichick benched Butler before last year’s Super Bowl he took so much heat for it. Now this year he put a plan together to give them the best chance to win.

Bill Belichick made up for last year’s loss

Belichick made a defensive plan that Sean McVay wasn’t expecting. Jared Goff and the offense couldn’t get anything going. Goff threw to Cooks a few times but other than that the Patriots were shutting everything down. Hightower had a great game, and so did Kyle Van Knoy. After Chung got hurt Jason McCourty was all over the field. Gilmore had that great interception to end the game as the Rams were driving. They only allowed three points against the second-ranked offense in the league.

The Patriots will be back next year

Again Belichick made up from last year’s bad Super Bowl defensive performance. People saying the game was boring don’t realize that it was a defensive battle with one team having the greatest quarterback of all time. After those back to back losses in December, they needed to find an identity. Well, they found it at the right time. They demolished the Chargers, put up a fight against Kansas City, and played a great defensive game with the Rams.