Bill Belichick looks like he’s coaching for at least five more seasons

What a difference a year makes. This time last year there was speculation that Belichick was on his way out after Josh McDaniels came back as offensive coordinator. It seemed like Belichick was grooming him to be the next head coach sooner rather than later. However, things changed once the season started. The Patriots finished 11-5 and won the Super Bowl. Now a year later people have the total opposite mindset. Belichick is going nowhere. I even wrote that Belichick could be on his way out when they traded everyone in the off-season to let McDaniels have somewhat of a new team. Boy, was I wrong.

Brady will retire before Belichick retires

Brady has said repeatedly he’s playing until 45. Belichick, however, has only said he doesn’t want to coach into his 70s. Could it be possible he does coach into his 70s? I do think he will out last Brady and coach into his early 70s because he loves the game so much. Even at the owners meetings he’s always looking at ways to improve the game. He’s so passionate about the game that I really don’t see him retiring anytime soon. When he’s had enough he will hang it up. But I do believe he’d want to coach a season or two without Tom Brady.

Belichick will have to find the next quarterback after Brady retires. Which means he’ll have to either draft or trade for a decent back up soon. He drafted Jimmy Garoppolo but then traded him because Brady isn’t even close to falling off a cliff. Belichick seems to be going into this season just like he does every other season. He does what’s best for the team at that time and people can question all they want but he knows what he’s doing. Belichick isn’t retiring anytime soon.