Big Game on Sunday Night Football

The Patriots host the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night. This really is a big matchup for the Patriots as it could decide who is home or away in the playoffs. The Patriots defense might have a tough time with the Chiefs offense. Belichick said on Monday Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes could throw a pass out of the stadium. Tight end Travis Kelce seems like Mahomes’ favorite target to throw too. That defense could have their handful on Sunday night.

Bill Belichick Knows It’ll Be a Tough Matchup

Via New England PatriotsBill Belichick met the media Wednesday and said, “Alright, well I think it’s fortunate that we’ve had a couple of extra days here to work on Kansas City. They’re obviously a really good football team, do a lot of things well. We need a lot of extra time to prepare for this team. They give you a lot of problems with their scheme, their players. They’re very well-coached, as they always are with Andy [Reid]. Just a very explosive group. It’s easy to see why they’re undefeated. This will be a big challenge for us this week. We’ll have to do a lot of things well and do them consistently, do them for 60 minutes. That’s what this week is about for us, playing good football, 60 minutes of it. That’s what it’ll take.”

And Belichick was also asked about Mahomes as a player, and Belichick spoke highly of him: “He’s got a good team, a good coach, a good offensive line. He’s got a lot of skill players. They’re very efficient. They can run it. They can throw it, big plays. Tight ends, backs, receivers, quarterback – they’re a very explosive group.”

With ten days to work on Kansas City, it gives them enough time to get ready for the game. Belichick wouldn’t answer if he was playing for the number one seed in the conference, just saying they are playing Kansas City. The Chiefs have given the Patriots trouble recently and with a young good quarterback who can throw is good for Kansas City. Finally, the Patriots have a tough test on Sunday night but both teams will be ready for it.