There is no I in Team

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been on the same team for a long time. We should be grateful at how many championships the Patriots have brought the city. Since 2001, the city of Boston has won 10 championships not many states can say that. For Belichick and Brady, they always will put the team first no matter what differences they may have. Brady has taken lots of pay cuts, so the Patriots can spend money on other high-end talents. Also, Belichick will make moves that he may not agree with. But he does what’s best for the team for example trading Jimmy Garoppolo.

Brady and Belichick have made sacrifices

So this latest book coming out is just another version of the drama that we’ve already known about. As long as Brady and Belichick are here, they are going to do what’s best to bring Super Bowls to New England every season. They may not get along all the time but they share the same goals. All this background noise is really never going to take away from what they do the best. They are both great at handling distractions and dealing with the media.

For example, people want to paint a picture of Belichick and Brady as this couple who wants to get divorced or break up. So say two people had a baby but didn’t get along that well. They would do what’s best for the child, so they may form a relationship and stay together even though they have differences. It is the same with the Patriots. The whole team is Belichick’s and Brady’s child. They’ve stayed together for this long because that’s what’s best for the team even though they have differences. If you want the team to succeed, you have to make sacrifices or it may fall apart.

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