Bill Belichick will be the defensive coordinator

The Patriots are heading into the season without a Defensive Coordinator. Belichick called the defensive plays in 2010 before handing the play calling to Matt Patricia, who is now with the Lions. Belichick is used to calling plays on the defensive side of the ball, even before he became a head coach. Brian Flores called the defensive plays last year before taking the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching position after the Super Bowl.

Belichick has experience calling the plays on the defensive side

The Patriots will be fine having Belichick call the defensive plays. His football smarts are through the roof, and he will go down as the smartest coach of all time. He’s had so many different players in his career it’s crazy. He also knows the 3-4 defense and other defensive schemes more than any other coach in the game today. Belichick was the Defensive Coordinator for the New York Giants in 1985 under head coach Bill Parcells. The Patriots did hire Greg Schiano, but he left in March after one month on the job.

With Josh McDaniels handling the offensive side of things, they’ll be good. They’ve stacked up on Tight Ends and Wide Receivers. Belichick also has help with Jerod Mayo and Steve Belichick on the defensive side of the ball. The Patriots are coming off their sixth Super Bowl title since 2001. Question is can they head back to the Super Bowl again? The answer is most likely yes. Belichick can pretty much do what he wants because they win so much. Belichick calling the plays on the defensive side will be good because he knows the system and does what’s best for the team.