Bill Belichick Won’t Answer Questions From Last Season

Bill Belichick is ready for another football season to start. Training camp begins Thursday and he’s in midseason form with his press conferences. Belichick will never answer questions from previous seasons or talk about past players. When asked about the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl benching, he replied, “I’m focused on doing the best that I can for the 2018 Patriots.” Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy asked and pressured Belichick for the answer. But Belichick wasn’t about to go there.

Bill Belichick Didn’t Deny He Was Texting Jimmy Garoppolo

Belichick was also asked about texting Jimmy Garoppolo last season. His response: “Yeah… those are things that happened months ago.” Clearly, he did text Garoppolo last season after his wins in December. Belichick says he has lots to improve on with his coaching style. Is one of those benching a player that would help you win a Super Bowl? What’s interesting is not one question about Brady was asked throughout that whole press conference. Brady turns 41 in August and is coming off an MVP season. Belichick wouldn’t talk about contracts or the Malcolm Mitchell situation.

Garoppolo Part of Belichick’s Legacy?

Belichick is a great coach but his ego has also gotten in the way recently. Felger and Mazz made a great point yesterday: Jimmy Garoppolo is part of Belichick’s legacy. If Garoppolo goes on to win a Super Bowl, that’s a reflection of Belichick for drafting him and making him the next great quarterback in the league. That is why Belichick is so high on Garoppolo and talked him up so much. Belichick drafted Tom Brady and won a Super Bowl he then drafted Garoppolo and could have done the same thing. It’s like Theo Epstein going to the Red Sox and winning a World Series then going to Chicago and following suit.

Everyone knew Belichick wasn’t going to talk about any previous season at all. Belichick is focused on the 2018 season and that’s all he cares about with the media. He might still text Garoppolo, but that won’t stop him from coaching the Patriots to put them in the best position to win.